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A naturally occurring ketone that helps trigger ketosis once it is ingested Other ingredients of the supplement include Garcinia Cambogia Riboflavin Vitamin B Collagen Green Coffee Bean Extracts among others Why I Chose Enhanced Keto When my sister called telling me about this product she sounded very convincing Well this may be because I was desperate to cut off some weight but even if that were the case I was not going to just take any product just because my sister thought it was good So I went online and looked it up and I must say unlike most other supplements this product had detailed information about its formula how it works and what results to expect You can check the product out yourself but heres some of that information How it works The supplement works in multiple ways which include; Inducing ketosis As I explained earlier Enhanced Keto is ketosisbased Its formula is designed to naturally trigger the process of ketosis once you start taking it While you do not need to stop eating your favorite carbs while on the dose it is advisable .


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