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Posted by Snoother 2238080, May 18.

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Ketozol 13 inhale 13 goes to 123 here 13 will never say pam santon 123 strike 123 the hop is 123 and sato ottimo constrained moderate to recuperate coordinate on the spot extraordinary occupation 321 break alright folks strainer I completed incredible work exercise currently we should begin the chill off stage breathing and extending the end should dependably be made of a serious exercise or not 3 2 1 go kicked back to empty a little legs lactic corrosive I suggest the exercise done toward the end dependably the chill off part for not gather lactic corrosive to disintegrate of the muscles 3 2 1 alright how about we proceed onward to breathing down I take the air shut and quiet out risgo and quiet four alright allows simply unite our correct leg somewhat bowed left leg la the nail mo and endeavor to take the tip or the lower leg holds the position leg augmentation 321 jolie on the opposite side for quite a while gradually bowed left is a tonina crossbow just extending of the players for this situation we need it totally go on sciolgo.



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