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aren't met in our relationship she'd get fulfilled by someone else now I love Kim and I know she's loyal but I also know from working with thousands of couples that a lack of intimacy for too long drives even the most loyal and conservative woman to do things she's never done before as much as I felt like giving up on my hunt for a solution I knew that if I wanted to save my marriage then I couldn't stop so I turned back to my research but this time with a fresh set of eyes and that's when I came across something that completely blew me away an investigative report from CBS News that was talking about the penis having a mind of its own and this wasn't just some pop science article it referenced several scientific studies from Ivy League universities like Harvard Medical School that backed it up the report made me think about when I was younger how I could get hard without even trying and the more I thought about it the the more I realized when I was in high school I really didn't have any control over my penis it did wh  alpha titan testo  at it wanted to when it wanted to which was to get hard all of the time I'm sure it was probably the same for you to write it probably seemed like your penis had its own brain a brain that did what I wanted which was to make your dick hard well the CBS report maybe really curious so I started looking at the studies it referenced and began to research everything I could about this idea of the



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