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Posted by Snoother 2241993, Jul 31.

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it touch it to your pimple and then it's like gone like the next day it's either gone or like really reduced in size and if you can tell that you have one starting to form and then you put a drop of this on it typically I will not fully develop and will just kind of like stay taped back you know so this stuff is like a miracle if you have um acne prone skin I would recommend it it's like such a tiny bottle but I think I've had this for almost a year now and I use it at least a couple times a week and it's still like awful so kind of awesome like this is a life hack for sure that's like pretty much all I use the only other thing is sometimes I'll use this either before or after I apply makeup or juis the LA roche-posay Euro zinc purifying mist anti-shine anti dilated pores it's really nice um my sister is like a skin care expert and she also told me a trick that you can use with this um if you don't have a like a blotting powder for your makeup throughout the day you spray some of this on a Beauty Blender and then put your face and it like does the same thing as if you were to touch up with powder if


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