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I need help finding a Wine

Posted by tammm86, Jul 20, 2010.

Hi there,

I need help finding bottles of Vampire wine from Romania before the business moved to the US. I'm trying to find someone that stocks this wine "with Romanian Label" and who would send to AUS.

Everything I am finding says it's from Romania but either has the US labels or is dated to young to be from Romania.

Ideally I am looking for something Pre year 2000.

Please Help. :)


Reply by silaghi, Feb 10, 2012.


We are wine merchants from Romania. Is this the wine you were talking ? It was exported in UK and USA. In Romania is named "V - Legend of Transylvania"

Available sorts are :


Riesling Italian
Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc
Dry Muscat
Merlot Roze
Pinot Noir
We ( ) are wine merchants and we deliver internationally, but fact is that  USA legistation fobids private persons to receive wines from abroad ( we tried once for a client ).
So if you live in other country, we are glad to help ; we have direct contacts with all romanian wine producers. If you are in doubt, Ruxandra will gladly help you. Please write her direct at .

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