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I'm a Gin lover!

Posted by CheloSpahn, Oct 24, 2012.

Well seeing that this is the category with "less" topics I will like to introduce a new one.

As a wine lover I'm also a gin lover. I know here in Colombian variety is not an ally and the one's you can find are:

- Bulldog

- Hendrick's

- Blue Ribbon

- Bombay Saphire

- London Nº1

- Tanqueray and Tanqueray 10

- Gordon's

- Beefeater and Beefeater 24

In my personal opinion the most elegant, floral, spicy and complex one's are Bulldog and Blue Ribbon that's why I wrote them in the frst two positions.

One I know and that I was able to try was G-Vine Floraison (which was perfect). Does anyone Knows it?

It will be nice if someone will help with some more so I can start searching information about them, specially rare gins you can fin so easily I'm very interested in this ones.

Well, I know this is going to be usefull for some of the Gin lover Out there!


Reply by Custodian613, Jan 25, 2018.

After I found Bombay & Bombay Sapphire & I was content! I've not had a gin or vodka martini in 14 years and the way it looks like I'll never have another due to medical reasons!

I am sure there are other gins out there and  they may be even better but possibly not available here in Mississippi !

And while I am at it - - - there are also some people out there who enjoy a vodka martini. For years used Absolut as my choice of vodka! I've used Grey Goose and Vox. How do those two vodkas stack up against those brands which have been around for decades?

And if you drink martinis - - -  Please remember me and have one for the "Gimp" ! lol

Reply by JonDerry, Jan 25, 2018.

I had a pretty killer Negroni at a top restaurant in Seattle recently. Had to ask what gun they used, and the answer was Gun Club. It's a smaller producer, but very good gin apparently.

Reply by dmcker, Jan 26, 2018.

Thing about martinis is they were never meant to be made with the finest, most 'refined' version of whatever spirit. Visit Harry's Bar, where they were invented, and ask. Even as dry as I make them the vermouth is a game changer. Save the more expensive stuff for straight drinking (or a pink or a gimlet, or with a slice of citrus) is my approach.

I can't drink gin, and was always disappointed I couldn't join my dad in his favorite libation (he once sent me a twelve-page single-spaced report on airmail paper back in the '70s about his travels through South and Central Asia with a report on how good the martinis were at every bar and hotel he visited in those areas), and I'd try with a different gin each time when I'd periodically visit him, but just take one sip and then push the glass over to him. Until, that is, I discovered vodka martinis, at which point he got no more freebies. Stoli's about as fancy as I get with them, and I tend to make them with Zubrowka (Polish, one version bison-grass infused, the other straight vodka) at home. Tend to get dirty more than half the time and fat numerous olives become one of the night's meal courses. 

Reply by Custodian613, Jan 26, 2018.

I settled on Bombay and Sapphire a long time ago and I never wanted to change. With a vodka Martini I only went with Absolut. I could not go with Stoli, a potato vodka. I do like olives even to this day and when I did have a Martini I'd have generally 3 large olives in a large Martini glass. Now for Gen & tonics I'd go with any of the last 3 on CheloSpahn's list. While in Okinawa at the E-club I'd drink Singapore Slings but they were poorly made but drinkable. Later when I returned back to the states I looked up a recipe for it and was amazed how many corners the bartenders at that base club cut! Sheesh !!!

You might be wondering where I was on Okinawa. I was stationed at Camp Hansen with BLT 1/4 and 3/4. A BLT is not a sandwich - - - it's a Battalion Landing Team. I was not a Marine but a Navy Hospital Corpsman. I served with the Marines with different units and locations for 23 of my 24 year enlistment. I retired in 1992.

I prefer gin but did drink my share of vodka drinks. I never liked a southerner's favorite, Bourbon. Instead I preferred Rye or Canadian Whisky which contains about 40% Rye. It is a totally different type of whisky as compared to Bourbon. But to each his own. I did also like a drink known as a "Greyhound" but even now I can't have the grapefruit juice that goes in it. You see grapefruit juice will react with some medicines and can cause fatal results. But when I could drink it I thought it was a nice drink. Speaking of Greyhounds I once talked to a little old lady on the bus and somehow alcohol came up and she said her favorite drink was Vodka and cranberry juice. I tried it and it was not bad!

Enough for now ! later :-)


Reply by rckr1951, Sep 11, 2018.

Go gin go!

Reply by zufrieden, Nov 4, 2018.

Syllabically commiserates with "I'm a girl watcher!"  (by the white R&B rip-off group, the O'Kaysions, 1968). Thought you'd like to know that.  Of course, it is easy to be wrong about such things.


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