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Importing tasting notes from Excel files

Posted by penguinoid, Apr 23, 2010.

I have some notes from a tasting session that I'd like to add. Because there is about 25 wines, I think it would be easiest to type them up in Excel format and import this. I experimented with about five wines yesterday, but so far it doesn't seem to have worked. Is there any set format that the Excel files should be in?


Reply by Mark Angelillo, Apr 23, 2010.

Hi Penguin. Your data import is in the queue and should work its way through soon enough.

We'll accept data files in whatever format you have, though depending on how clean they are to begin with your mileage may vary slightly.

Reply by penguinoid, Apr 23, 2010.

Okay, thanks. I haven't typed much of it up yet, so if there is some kind of recommended formatting I can follow that.

In the spreadsheet I uploaded initially, I had separate columns for vintage, producer, wine name and notes. I guess I should also include columns for region, grape varieties and a score, too.

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