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Impossible to find in California.

Posted by kagbones, Jan 13, 2011.

I'm looking for a French Vin d'Alsace 2007 Riesling I had in Norway. It was amazing, actually so amazing I took a picture of it to try and find when I got back to the states. The link to the photo of the label is at the start of this post. It probably is super low shelf and nothing to sneeze at but I really enjoyed it. I have searched high and low in northern California and I have not been able to find this wine. I have even searched websites (including this one) and it is nowhere to be found. does it really exists? I am able to find wines from the region but never this exact wine. Can somebody please help me find this wine? I am even willing to order it if feasible. If you have any info, a website, a store in N.Cali, anything would be helpful.



Reply by countychef, Jan 13, 2011.

I would recomend trying a riesling from Anderson Valley Ca. , Highway 128 between Cloverdale on highway 101 and Highway 1 along the coast. Many fine Alsatian  varietals are produced in the valley. They even have a Alsace festival in February. Maybe you could find a replacement wine that you would like as well as the one you are looking for. I recomend a small winery, Toulouse. Look up by googling Anderson Valley Festivals. Good Luck!

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