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Kermit Lynch event...

Posted by Richard Foxall, Nov 3, 2011.

Sadly, I just got handed an invite to a tasting that is happening about three blocks from my office, put on by Caffe 817 and Kermit Lynch.  Sadly because it starts in 1/2 an hour, and I haven't planned for it.  It's not even mentioned on Lynch's website.  They'll be exploring the Loire--my favorite whites and a lot of good red, too, for us Cab Francophiles (and a little malbec, as has been discussed elsewhere, but leave that to Cahors).

In the past I haven't like Lynch's choices particularly.  There are so many good importers that I don't really understand why he is so well known, other than his relentless self-promotion.  And I have found the staff of his store exactly the sort of wine people that give wine shops a bad name: They'll let you wander, even as you try to approach someone for help, have long conversations with persons not apparently buying anything without acknowledging you, and start right at the top of the price scale, without asking what you intend to spend, or suggesting something reasonable as an entree to a conversation.  And, frankly, I haven't loved the wines... but I haven't bought many in a while, and maybe it's time to see if the more competitive market has made him up his game.

Any Bay Area locals might want to check this out tonight, Nov. 3, 5-8 p.m. 817 Washington St. Oakland


Reply by dmcker, Nov 4, 2011.

Would if I could...

And I haven't had the bad experiences you have with that merchant, perhaps because I started back in the '80s, introduced via the Waters operation. Haven't been there at all in the past seven or more years, so maybe newer staff have issues. Have enjoyed his newsletters, tho...  ;-)

Reply by GregT, Nov 4, 2011.

Fox - I think he's known because he was an early entrant into the boutique importer game.  I don't know him personally but have enjoyed a number of his wines.  The description of the store is exactly the problem with an increasing number in the NYC area.  Some are like the car salesmen screaming at you to buy now and others are so aloof and "cool" that you feel like you're a supplicant when all you want to do is buy a bottle.

I'd love to go to the Kermit tasting tho.  Even w/out plans, I would have gone. 

Reply by Richard Foxall, Nov 4, 2011.

Yes, well I had those bad experiences within the last 13 years, for sure.  D, you probably were introduced to them, I'm guessing, not like me, who walked in off the street. 

I have liked a few wines he has imported, all purchased at WineMine for less than he charges at the shop.  But I'm willing to do a blind tasting of, say, one of his CdRs or other S. Rhones, against something else and see where he's at these days.

Reply by StevenBabb, Nov 4, 2011.

awww man! i'm a day late and a glass short : )

Reply by napagirl68, Nov 6, 2011.

:-( :-(  LOVE the whites from Loire!  :-( :-(

Reply by Richard Foxall, Nov 6, 2011.

Yep, my favorite whites, too.  Both great diversity and great depth in the varieties they grow, from Chenin to SB to Muscadet.

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