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Maui Winery

Posted by jescobio, Mar 7, 2014.

Were heading to Maui for a week later today and there's been some talk about heading out to the only winery in Maui.   However, its a really long drive from the hotel and it pretty much will burn half our day heading out and back from there.  Have any of you been there?  Any thoughts?  Traditionally we always head to local wineries and check out the goods but...ehhh.. this seems like it may not be worth it.  Thanks in advance for any insight.  


Reply by outthere, Mar 8, 2014.

I'm jealous. My Birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and when asked what I wanted to do I jokingly said "Let's go to Maui" It raised her eyebrows! We love the island. Good for you!

One thing about Hawaii, everything is worth it. The drive to the winery is long but the scenery and views are worth it. You're on vacation. Be a tourist!

It will be the better part of an entire day unless you leave early. Nice thing is that the time difference between there and the mainland makes it easy to get up early and take advantage of your body clock being off. So maybe you do this the first or second day there. When in Maui I always like to keep within shouting distance of the ocean. But last time there we ventured out a couple times.

If you are the more adventurous type this would be a nice trip to bundle with a late lunch or dinner at the Hali'imaile General Store (reservations suggested) which is also in the Upcountry on the North side of Haleakalā. Incredible food and equally nice wine list.

Assuming that you are staying near Ka'anapali the road to Tedeschi Winery would be Hwy 37. Hali'imaile Rd intersects Hwy 37 and the restaurant is about 1-1/2 miles East on the rt. Highly recommended!

Are you planning on driving to Hana? Another long trek but the most beautiful scenery on Earth. A can't miss destination. We had overnight accommodations which made it less stressful knowing we could take our time and not have to rush back. Last minute confirmations were made at Hana Hale which was a great detour from hotel life. We had the place to ourselves and is was the most relaxing moment on the island.

If perhaps you make it to Hana you need to eat at Braddah Hutts Island BBQ. It's in the guys front yard under tarps. Melt in your mouth ribs and the best Teriyaki Chicken we have ever had. You have to drive through Hana and it is on the left about 1/3 mile out of the main town. Don't miss.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Reply by JenniferT, Mar 8, 2014.

Wow, OT - What a fantastic response. And a great reminder that I need to go to Maui. 

Reply by dmcker, Mar 12, 2014.

Once again our tastes overlap, outthere. I've almost pulled the trigger on house(s) along the road to Hana on three separate occasions. Sit on your lanai with your garden (including fruit-bearing trees) around you looking out at the Pacific up towards Alaska with nothing in between except in the winter when the surf may get high enough to block your view. Quietest part of all Hawaii, including Kauai, and real estate is still relatively reasonable compared to other parts of the islands with similar beauty. Very interesting people of all sorts sprinkled around, too. How big a birthday is the one coming up?  ;-)

Tedeschi makes interesting wine. Don't hesitate to try that from pineapples, Jennifer. Hey, you're in Hawaii after all! And stop and swim in the blacksand coves if you do make it out to Hana. Some of them have mild riptides, but that in the midst of all that shocking beauty just adds to the allure...

Reply by JonDerry, Mar 12, 2014.

I'll be in Hawaii this May...will have to see about making this trip myself. 

Reply by outthere, Mar 12, 2014.

No special number this year, 53, she was basically seeing if I wanted to have the kids over for a BBQ. 

I think the big reason prices are what they are in Hana is due to the remoteness. Driving to the store is a 4 hour drive each way. We had Waikaloa beach and it's' black sand steps from our bungalow. Another great beach, but even more remote, is Red Sands Beach. A slightly dangerous trek over slippery hillsides is needed to get there. Well worth it though. Just LOVE Hana and Maui in general.

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