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Mezaacorona tasting.

Posted by Richard Foxall, Jul 7, 2011.

Well, we had a little party--no way I could drink those four bottles myself.  But we really couldn't get hooked up to chat, so here are the comments.  (Too bad we didn't, as I would have enjoyed chatting with lingprof and some other correspondents--post more, guys, I don't hear enough from you.)

The sparkler was a huge hit--Pastry Chef, winebuddy#1, the Union of Wine Drinkers, Wife-- all thought iit was surprisingly good. The PG and the Chard... well, the Chardonnay was so inoffensive and unidimensional we thought it might be a PG.  (GDD will laugh when she reads that...) Nothing bad, but we made jokes about alcoholic filtered water and being able to drink it before a meeting with your probation officer because no one could detect it on your breath.  Nothing to comment on: acidity, whatever.  We finished them both, but that's part of how we roll.

Actually, we finished the whites after we had finished the Nero D'Avola.  It was okay, but I like my Nero more tannic, more rustic (I think that's the descriptor I want).  This had a pleasant nose, a little floral, but mostly fruity.  On the whole, it was pretty grapey.  I think a kid would like it, given the chance, but it didn't have anything much beyond that.  Still, it went fast with the Neapolitan pizza.  When it was done, we went back to the still whites.  The chardonnay improved with a bit of air; it also wanted to be a little warmer.  The grigio was exactly what some people like and others criticize: really light, just enough crispness to not be flabby, and something you would drink without thinking about too much if you had had a few bottles before and were winding down.

The sparkler was absolutely a hit, and a good alternative to champers if you don't want to spend that kind of money, but want that experience instead of, say, Cava. The fact that it was chardonnay based and from a cooler region really showed in its profile--a really reasonable alternative to the less expensive NV  champagnes or Cal sparklers.  I think it could compete with Gruet's New Mexico product for that piece of the market.  The nose was toasty Champagne all the way--in a blind tasting, I would be hard pressed to tell the difference before tasting, and probably after. A lot of French non-Champ sparklers--Cremant de this or that--want to be the reasonable alternative to champagne, but this was as good as many of the Bourgognes, Limoux, etc, that I have tried.  I'd buy it at the very reasonable price I have seen it at.


Reply by lingprof, Jul 7, 2011.

Hey, Foxall.  We had a little party too, my neighbor, my husband and I. No problem at all finishing most of the 4 bottles, lol!

My neighbor and I loved the Brut, and my husband loved the Chard.  I tasted the Chard and was like, meh, and then went back to it after awhile and really liked it!  Very different with air.  Nobody really cared for the PG, although we didn't hate it either.   Loved the nose on the Nero, but didn't feel it backed it up at mouth level.

All three of us were drunkenly nostalgic about Italy (even though at least one of us had never been there).

We'll catch you next time!

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jul 7, 2011.

The chardonnay did improve with air, a bit. Still not a wowser, but, as I said, we did finish every bottle.  (Total of 7 drinking adults.)  I had a few bottles in reserve just in case a few more folks straggled in, but that was just about right.  Your comment on the Nero was spot on, too.

And I just got word that the Brunello I ordered from BP and recommended to you, lingprof, is finally shipping, now that they have ALL the Italian wines I ordered way back when it was winter. Let you know how that (plus the Lambo Fiorito, and some others) work out.

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