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Napa must sees

Original post by dvogler, Feb 26, 2015.

Hi All,

A friend in Brazil sent me a message requesting my advice for some wineries to visit in Napa and one that would be memorable to stay at.

I couldn't possibly make such recommendations.  I feel like steering him to Sonoma, but for them I believe they have "Napa" on the brain.  I'm sure OT could give a thousand in Sonoma, but ten would be fine!  Some for Napa would be great, one with accommodations.





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Reply by GregT, Mar 5, 2015.

Don't worry about it. From now on, we refer to our friends by their first names and we assume that the public at large (or such public as might read these threads) knows these friends.

Tell your friends that Jim brought an excellent Madeira last time I saw him. He's a good guy and they should look him up.

Uncle John used to like Trefethen. I don't know if they're a must-see, but the wines are decent values.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Mar 5, 2015.

Raymond degraded for a while to the same level as Amber Hill, which went down yet another notch.  Then they started bottling Raymond Generations and got some good press again.  Looks like they are owned by Boisset.

I'm thinking if you want to do Merlot and maybe some other good stuff, I'd look at Keenan, which seems to excel at Merlot and Cab and is pretty reasonable, and also Beringer, whose Bancroft Ranch (Howell Mountain) Merlot has done well even with those who don't usually go for Merlot.  I doubt you get the Bancroft Merlot in a routine tasting, though.  Again, you can reserve for a lot of these through CellarPass if you don't have connections.  And I agree that Duckhorn wasn't the best experience other than seeing Coach K sitting at the next table.  That and Rombauer, which I actively detested, were my least favorites on the trip where we stayed at Calistoga Ranch.  But riding our bikes on the Silverado Trail (and through the vineyards) and then relaxing in our spa cabin, all on someone else's dime, made the small disappointments pretty easy to take. 

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