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New color scheme?

Posted by gr, Jun 14, 2007.

In the search pages, it looks like the headings (Winery, Varietal, Region, et cetera) are now the same green as the base background color, rather than the darker green that's also used for links. I applaud making it so that only thinks that are links have that color, but I think this is a bad alternate, as I find it very hard to read on the white background where they appear. It's possible that just a few tags would fix it, but maybe it could be a bit darker green? Or a darker greyscale than the objects in the definition lists?

(I have no idea what further text I had in there that phpBB turned into ":wink:", so I'm editing to remove that...)


Reply by Philip James, Jun 15, 2007.

i agree - we'll look into it

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