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New Feature: Share This Wine

Posted by Chris Carpita, Apr 30, 2008.

Thanks to a little graphic design work, and a lot of code monkey love, you may have noticed some new links under the images on the wine detail pages.

The top link will add/remove wine images, as usual. But what about those new links below? Looks like there's a discussion going on about this wine. If I check it out by clicking the green link, I go to the official Snooth Talk post about the Razor's Edge Shiraz vint. 2005. If a discussion hasn't been started, the link is grey, and you can be the one to kick off the party.

Right between those links is another button, "share this wine." I think HondaJohn might like this one, so I can send him a Snooth message with the wine as an attachment!

The wine attachment in a message has a special style that looks like this:

You can click on these sharable objects to go to the pages they reference. We will use this style to allow you to share other things in the future. As we say here, the Snoothabilities are endless!

Chris Carpita is a software engineer at Snooth, Inc. He makes sure the trains run on time, whilst building new tracks and improving the cleanliness and service features of existing lines. He also likes K2's, DP's, Coney Island, and Indy films.


Reply by Philip James, Apr 30, 2008.

err...i like that you've appropriated the guest blogger mini-bio at the end of your posts. Either way, its a new feature that we're happy to roll out. For those shopping by country / merchant that interface is totally redesigned too. We just didnt have space to fit it all in this one post.

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