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New Flight Ideas!

Original post by smithdaj54, Sep 6, 2011.

I love the flights on the site.  It gets me to think about trying new things and noticing differences in regions, but I had some suggestions for a couple:


  1. Washington - there could be several, and I can't believe this isn't on here, they're #2 in the US for production!
  2. Ports
  3. Cab Francs!
  4. Pinot Blanc
  5. Red Blends

And, as a side note, it seems like sometimes I rate something that is an exact match for part of a flight and it never adds to the flight.  I know that's fickle, but just a little feedback!  :-)

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Reply by Jimmy Cocktail, Sep 28, 2011.

How about a Cold and Hot flight?

Exploring Chardonnays from both cooler and warmer growing regions.

Reply by tabednar, Nov 9, 2011.

Were any flights decided on? Just curious to see what I should be seeking out now. ;)

Reply by gerrad, Mar 12, 2012.

in echo of the scribe who noted with incredulity that washington was unrepresented (or poorly i dont remember).... cmon WE DO MAKE WHITE WINE IN AUSTRALIA.. as well as red! in fact we make it better than just about anyone u want to name. for example, the best chardonnay in the world in 2010 was the 'Cullen- Kevin John Chardonnay 2007' from Cullen in Margaret River, Western Australia. google it if u like! while on chardonnay- Leeuwin Estate from just down the rd from Cullen- did pretty much the same thing in the early 1980's. Then there's Yarra Chardys! and others like ; Giaconda, Bindi, Petaluma. Rieslings from Eden or Clare Valleys (ie. Grosset, Henschke etc.) or Great Southern region in W.Australia (ie. Castle Rock, Howard Park) or Tasmania in Tamar and Coal River Valley/s (Heemskerk, Josef Chromy, Bay of Fires)..Semillon you say- Hunter Valley/ Marg.River/ Barossa not to mention the reds that dont come from barossa or mcclaren vale alone; such as Cabernet from Yarra/Margaret River/ Coonawarra..or Pinot from Mornington Peninsula or alternative varieties from..aww, everywhere in the country; fiano, vermentino,arneis, savignan, nero d'avola, tempranillo, touriga, nebbiolo, barbera, aglianico, assyritiki, zinfandel ...etc.! Now i know not every producer is available at your corner store..but i know that many aussie wines of high regard are available in the u.s.! ie. philly.. cos ive been to the website of the liqour control board and my brother lives there. he's buying seriously good, cult-quality/style wines for about 35-40% of what we would pay i australia - if we could even get hold of back vintages of these wines in our own country that is. Im sure you intend to expand the flights to cover australia, sth. america etc. with more diligence..hope this helps. 

Reply by shsim, Mar 13, 2012.

Hmmm that is great gerrad! I am definitely not educated on Australian wines... but it would be fun to have like a down under red and wines and different regions! Maybe you can educate us more about how we can do this? Like regions and type of grape ?

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