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New Funding

Posted by Philip James, Nov 28, 2007.

We announced yesterday that we raised a new round of $1 million. The official press release is in the preceding post (chronologically, but below this one in blog order!). This is a big event for us and we'll celebrate in due course.

What can you, our users, expect? Well, we'll be staffing up, becoming more professional and generally growing up. We're hiring a lot more developers and the odd business person, so you can look forward to the rate of development picking up. We're going to continue to develop the site, adding new features, cleaning the data and integrating new merchants.

Some specifics you can look forward to: the much touted 'group pages' will be coming soon and we're going to be integrating a lot of non-US based retailers, starting with Western Europe. Lots of small things as well of course...

Thanks for your loyalty and patience, who knows we may even take down the 'beta' on our logo soon.


Blog comment by -J., Nov 28, 2007.

Congratulations - let me know when you are hiring!

Reply by perito, Nov 28, 2007.

Congrats on the huge step forward!!

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