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New Here, PA resident. Am I wasting my time?

Posted by benjc, Jun 14, 2009.

Worst part about living in Pennsylvania is all the racists. But a close second is the damned PLCB. I came here hoping I might find recommendations for wines I'll find at my local Wine and Spirits Shoppe (they call it a Shoppe to make it seem like it isn't a fascist monopoly) but it seems like I'm stuck with whatever their Chairmen want me to drink.


Reply by Philip James, Jun 14, 2009.

Ben - have you tried putting your zip code in, in the search refinement option - just above the search results. I'm not 100% sure, but I thought we actually tracked some of the PLCB stores...

Reply by benjc, Jun 14, 2009.

Hey Philip,
Thanks, I didn't notice that option. I tried it, but I didn't find any local stores listed. I did find some stores in NJ, and while I'd never intentionally break any laws, I might be making some trips to Jersey for entirely unrelated purposes, and I might just happen to pick up a few cases, to be consumed entirely while within the state of New Jersey, if anyone asks. This will actually help a lot because I can look up exactly what I want and make sure it's in stock before making the trip. Does illicit wine taste better?

Reply by Pymonte, Jun 15, 2009.

Where are you in PA? Near Pittsburgh? There are two decent wine shops there, one at Waterworks, and one off of McKnight at McIntyre Square. The rest are awful.

Sorry about your luck. I moved outta PA for a reason.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Jun 15, 2009.

Hey Ben, I hope you stick around.

Any friends living on the other side of the PA border. You can always have wine shipped to them.

I buy my wine at the waterworks store when I am in the burgh. It's really not a bad shop, or at least it wasn't in the past.

Illicit wine, like anything illicit, is much better!

Reply by gr, Jun 16, 2009.

benjc, have you ever tried searching the PLCB's online listings: ? State monopoly or not, they do a very good job at having relatively clean information. You'll see a lot of things with "SLO" in the "type" column: that's "special liquor order", and just means that you have to request that it be purchased by your local PLCB (possibly, "and buy a minimum volume") in person. You can also locate exactly where bottles that are carried (but not everywhere) exist, and you can request that they be transferred to your local PLCB (although the turnaround can be a bit pokey on this, they're *supposed* to honor that request without any added cost). So you need to take the extra step of meshing your Snooth recommendations against the PLCB's website, but they aren't without utility. (Hrm, maybe there's a Snooth API-using tool in here somewhere...)

Philip, unless I'm mistaken, you wouldn't be tracking "some" of the PLCB shops without tracking others.

Greg, that may not be the best thing to advise others to do. That's tax evasion and makes the friend an accomplice. (Not that I don't shop in Delaware and New Jersey regularly, but that's only incriminating *me*.)

Reply by stephl, Jul 10, 2009.

Yes, wine lovers must be resourceful in PA; however, I will say that I was able to order a half-case of a lovely Martin Codex Albarino that I'd enjoyed in New Mexico through the store in East Liberty (near Whole Foods) at a very reasonable cost and received it within 4 weeks. Of course, this was after explaining to the wine salesman that you wouldn't find an Albarino on the red wine shelves . Dreadnought Wines at Palate Partners in the Strip also offers a way to learn about and purchase wine through the PLCB. Cheers!

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