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New taxes for alcohol?

Posted by fibo86, Apr 10, 2010.

I noticed on the home page that you might just about to be slugged with an alcohol tax. So it just might be an interesting turn of events as you have been enjoying a minimal tax for your alcohol for years.

How do you think this will affect  your purchasing as it's supposed to be across the board?

From 6c on a six pack of beer to $6.08

From 65c on 750mls of spirit to $17.57

From 4c on a bottle of wine to $5.11

We have been slugged with an alcohol tax for years and we do whinge about it but nothing we can's called a W.E.T tax aka wine equalisation tax then GST  (and just about to go up).



Reply by dmcker, Apr 10, 2010.

Fibo, think I beat you to the punch on this one. Checkout this thread:

 April, or another kind of Fool?


Again, this is merely an initiative that's being circulated with the aim of having it voted on by the general populace in referendum. And only in California. I see it as being far away from any kind of adoption (though what do I know?). I imagine plenty of Sonoma Sun readers, smack in the middle of winecountry, spewed while reading it, however...

Reply by MarkAse, Apr 10, 2010.

It cetainly wouldn't be helpful for anyone....that being said no chance anything like this gets passed by the general public.

Absolutely positively, no chance.  Sales taxes in California are high enough already!

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