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New to Canada from US

Posted by Princabecca, Sep 14, 2011.

Hello/Bonjour!  My husband and I recently moved to Montreal from Ohio. We both enjoy wine but often have no idea what we are buying. We had found a few wines that we really enjoy in the States (Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon) but as it turns out we don't recognize any of the wines here in Montreal. We typically look for bottles that are $10 - $12 USD but here in Canada the wines seem to be priced differently. I'm wondering what price I should expect to pay for a wine that would be comparable, in quality and taste, to a $10-$12 bottle in the US? Any help would be appreciated, as well as recommendations. The food in Montreal is amazing and I can only imagine the wine selection is as well. Merci!


Reply by tabednar, Sep 22, 2011.

I have been to Nova Socita and been to a couple of wineries there. They use some different varieties to withstand the cold but overall I really enjoyed them. Not too sure about Montreal though. If you like really sweet desert wines, and want to break your budget, you should try the ice wine that comes from up there. It is very unique and worth a try at least once...

Inniskillen (Probably one of the most famous but there are some that are much cheaper...)

Reply by dmcker, Sep 22, 2011.

Well, to start with, you're going to be getting a better and larger variety of wines to choose from in Montreal than in Nova Scotia unless you're extremely wealthy and living in the middle of Halifax and can have anything you want delivered to your doorstep. Even then Montreal would be easier.

Montreal has all those excellent restaurants and perhaps a deeper wine culture than anywhere else in Canada, including the Okanagan and Niagara Bench. Can't help you with specific shops but you should start looking at wine from Canada (goes far beyond those dessert icewines) as well as all those offerings you get from France and other parts of Europe. Lots of good chardonnay and pinot noir from southern Ontario, and a bunch of different varietals from the Okanagan over in British Columbia. Everything France has to offer, too, from muscadet to Loire sauvignon blanc to Bordeaux whites (SB and semillon blends) to Burgundy chardonnays to Burgundy pinot noir to Beaujolais to Bordeaux reds to Loire cabernet franc and much more beyond even this listing. An excellent opportunity to learn about both French and Canadian wines there, and of course find Italians and a few Californians and so forth.

Clos Jordanne down in the Niagara Bench will be beyond your stated budget but can be saved for special occasions. There are other Canadian residents on these boards who can perhaps step in and add more specific recommendations for the current state wine machine offerings in your area.

Lots of fun new exploring coming up. Enjoy it, and report back to us on what you encounter!

Reply by alanmcginty, Sep 22, 2011.

Well enjoy Montreal! Wine prices in Canada are generally higher than in the US by between 10 and 50%. Quebec by and large has higher prices than Ontario. I would suggest you look in the $15-18 range. However I'd also suggest you take the opportunity to benefit from by far the best selection of French wines in Canada and start exploring - individual regions have many more wines available than the whole "France" section in many US stores. Also start reading the local wine writers - Bill Zacharkiw at the Gazette is good & maybe find a few bloggers. Also talk to product consultants and sommeliers for recommendations. Enjoy the city & wrap up for winter!!

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