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New to the site and need some help

Posted by AlliB, Feb 17, 2010.

I can't figure out how to compare prices and find wines at LOCAL retailers. Please advise. Thanks!


Reply by amour, Feb 17, 2010.

You will surely get answers to this, in time !

One way of looking at the matter could be

to consider first, the lowest of the my area
that would be $5. US currency or on SALE, slightly less.
(There may well be $3.50 ones , but I have not seen them recently,
if ever !)
In my experience, such wines are hardly ever satisfying,
even with the best effort at humble appreciation.
Most are wishy-washy.

I have made the effort to purchase them for my staff-members who simply
want a glass or two of "SOMETHING STRONG", but nothing special.
And I do taste them !

However, I am able to find $8 .- $12.- $15. bottles of wine from CHILE and SOUTH AFRICA,
that may not be ones to write home about, but are really enjoyable indeed.
I do get French wines at under $20. in the United States, that iare quite pleasant.
Good examples were the BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU 2009 (MOMMESSIN)
and DEBOEUF which were both quite remarkable....or am I over-stating.
American Kendall Jackson is not bad at all, but to have a great one costs
so much that I rather add more money and buy LEROY or DRC of one form or the other.

Interestingly, when it comes to moving on up,

I much rather buy one great bottle of Grand Cru Burgundy
than buy several $20. bottles of not special wines,mid-week quaffers,
but I may buy the odd one now and then.
I live for FRENCH GASTRONOMY and for it I am ready to pay
even to the point of buying less clothing. (In any event I wear mainly vintage European,
and I have a great classical collection.)

But, that is how I approach the matter.
Quite frankly, on further deliberation, I honestly do not spend a lot
of time comparing prices.
I taste widely and I buy whatever I find to be delicious!
In England, I do rely on the guidance of some experts at wine-tasting lunches
and dinners which I so adore!


(Sometimes, I have used cheap Spanish wines in SANGRIA-LIKE CONCOCTIONS, for fund-raising efforts,
and tasted them as I opened them, and found them, at best, wishy-washy.)But, I do agree that there are in-expensive lovely wines from Spain...but I seldom have a real palate for them, in all honesty.
I do not intend to miss out on anything, so I will continue to SEARCH! And to take up the great variety of special suggestions on SNOOTH!
Thank you!

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Feb 18, 2010.

Hi Alli,

Are you in the US?

On Snooth you can search locally either by country, or by Zip Code in the US.

Simply search for your wine, then on the search results page add your zipcode in the Refine Your Search area above your search results

it's that easy.

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