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No corkscrew, no worries, I have a shoe!

Posted by jescobio, Mar 27, 2014.

Any other interesting ways of opening a bottle?  This one is pretty interesting!


Reply by dvogler, Mar 27, 2014.

GDP must be recoiling in horror!

Reply by jescobio, Mar 27, 2014.

The owner of this winery, Mirabeau En Provence, the shoe guy is priceless.  I'm going to pull that trick off in-front of the family and watch them freak out.  They will think I finally lost it.

Check out their website and go under demystifying wine.   The Ipad double decanting video is pretty funny but informative.   There is also a pretty good video with a wine maker from Louis Jadot describing Terroir. 

Reply by jannechi, Mar 27, 2014.
Wondering if anyone can relate details of the C. du Pape marketed some years ago in a "warped" bottle with "sand" embedded all around the outside.. The story was that the winemaker had to bury the bottles of wine underground, since the Germans were advancing on France. After war's end, when they went to retrieve them, the weight and heat of the earth took their toll on the bottles, but the wine was supposed to be "splendid".
I'd love to learn the origins of this story.

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