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NYC Floor Tax on Wine

Posted by Philip James, Apr 16, 2009.
Ouch, especially for companies, as the article says, like Zachy's


Reply by JMSkelnik, Apr 16, 2009.

Unfortunately I think it will affect mostly consumers, as any other tax. There's nothing easier, than to rise the price.

Reply by gr, Apr 17, 2009.

Welcome to PA...

Reply by ChipDWood, Apr 19, 2009.

...They just can't stop themselves from taxing the living hell out of everything. It's a ridiculous tax both on its face and in its deeper effect.

What the state needs to do is figure out a more efficient way of running itself, for once in their lives, rather than continually having to rely on the backs of others to pull them out of their own, self-created fiscal miscalculations.

Reply by dmcker, Apr 19, 2009.

I'm all with you, Chip, on the need for lower governmental budgets and greater accountabiility/responsibility. However, it's understandable (dare I say even 'human'?) to see a person or entity get extremely nervous and even start flailing about when they can no longer perceive where their funds are going to come from because of a calamity such as the market crash and recession (dare I say depression?) of the past six months or more which has caused so much wealth to just evaporate into thin air.

That being said, NY seems to be extremely opportunistic and even short sighted (dare I say desperate?). Since I see you're based in Jersey I guess you can't just write your state congressman about it, but instead have to suffer the fallout like the rest of us tourists to the NYC area...

Reply by ChipDWood, Apr 20, 2009.

It was government intervention, in large part, that has created this recession. It was a combination of over-reaction to the Enron debacle which created this mark-to-market disaster regarding the valuation of financial assets, as well as Government stepping in and forcing banks to lend to high-risk mortage applicants.

Government needs to back the snot off, before every penny that should of right belong to those who work for it, goes to big Bro, and our supreme leader.

We've seen this movie before. They need to spend less of our cash, and take less, from us.

As it is, and as it has been said; the problem really begins when they begin running out of other peoples' money.

See: Today.

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