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Out with the Nouveau and in with the Old

Posted by Philip James, Jul 26, 2007.

I attended a Beaujolais boat cruise around Manhattan last Saturday night (I know, such hard work). There were several wines on offer, a Beaujolai s , a Beaujolais Village , as well as several Cru's: Brouilly , Morgon and a Moulin-a-Vent , amongst others. A fellow member of the wine trade wrote about it here .

If all you know of Beaujolais is the Nouveau that comes out each November, then Summer is the time to revisit the Gamay grape. It can range from very light, barely a trace of tannin, wines like the Beaujolais Superior wine I tried, to the deeper, earthier, mushroom notes I found in the Brouilly . All of these can be drunk at room temperature, but become the perfect accompaniment to picnic fare when served slightly chilled.

The classifications of Beaujolais are worth learning:

Beaujolais Nouveau wines are the first wines from the new vintage, released on the 3rd Thursday of November after harvest.
Beaujolais superior wines are more ripe and contain more alcohol than the nouveau wines.
Beaujolais villages are wines that are made from a mixture of different villages.
Cru Beaujolais come from better vineyard sites in and around the ten "crus" in the north part of the region. These wines are often more full-bodied, darker in color, and significantly longer-lived. The ten crus are the following: Morgon , Moulin-à-Vent , Brouilly , Côte de Brouilly , Saint-Amour , Chiroubles , Chénas , Fleurie , Juliénas , and Régnié. The Cru's rarely show the name Beaujolais on the label - so unless you're using Snooth, you might have to remember a few of them.

PS. Wilkommen Deutschland - A big hello to the huge influx of German users these last few days. No idea what triggered this , but happy, nonetheless. OK - A big thank you to Ehrensenf for their vlog review of us.


Reply by gr, Jul 27, 2007.

My German's pretty rusty, but I think that was overall positive.

The video of using the site is pretty sweet, far better demo than the screenshots non-video blogs have been posting. Seems like the focused mostly on search, not so much on "social networking" (which, I guess, maybe for the best, since that's still fleshing out).

Reply by zufrieden, Nov 27, 2009.

My compliments. It might also be worth noting that many of my friends from France who suffer the misfortune of Canadian wine pricing consider Cru Beaujolais by far and away the best wine for the dollar from their homeland.

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