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Pet wine-lingo peeves, or 'Things Not to Say to a Wine Professional'...

Posted by dmcker, Oct 25, 2010.

I'm going to take the liberty of posting a blog I just saw on the phrases and names bandied about regarding various aspects of wine and its business, and the styles of phrasing that bother certain individuals.

I thought the idea was interesting, and a couple of the posts somewhat creative ('a glass of 2005 Billy Fever chablis, anyone?'), but all in all it was far too civilized, even tepid and dare I say anemic? Come now, griping about 'champers'? Might as well resign the 20th century in Britain to obvlivion. I, personally, have a thing about the term 'Cali'. As a once and future Californian, I think it sounds inane... ;-)

I'm sure the Snooth community can come up with even better annoying phrasings, so how about it? Lifted from Do Bianchi.


Things NOT to say to a wine professional

Over at the Facebook, my status yesterday (“please do not say BABY BRUNELLO!”) elicited a lot of comments. Here’s what folks had to say. (Check out the thread on the analogous post as well.)

Lyle Fass Nor bojo, nor moose, nor ducster, nor good juice.

Jeremy Parzen my biggest pet peev? SANGIO UGH!

Tracie Branch Parzen lyle–i hate it when people refer to wine as ‘juice.’ i hear it WAY too much in the wine business!

Sean Beck Even if I say it in a cute voice”?

Josh Cross What about big boy ripasso? Is it a valpolicella thing?

Rebecca Rapaszky We dress our bottles of rosso in diapers and bonnets, then lovingly tickle their labels.

Adrian Reynolds It’s a Cali thing to abbreviate grape varietals, and I agree it’s a little tacky…Cab/Zin/Chard etc. Juice slingers are my pet peeve.

Rebecca Rapaszky We hear things like “Chevy,” “Richburger” and “Monty” all of the time… :(

Adrian Reynolds I need a thesaurasauros for those last 3…

Kevin Lynch This isn’t meant to sound name-dropy, but… I was interviewing/wine tasting with Franco Biondi-Santi. Another reporter asked: How are your Baby Brunellos selling?

Rebecca Rapaszky Adrian, we hear a lot of name-dropping would-be connoisseurs refer to the great wines of Chevalier-Montrachet, Richebourg and Montrachet that way.

Adrian Reynolds Gotcha :-)…

Joey Campanale agreed, or baby supertuscan for that matter

George Pavlov hate that!

Samantha Dugan can we add Champers to the list…pisses me off that

Michael Housewright ahahahahah! I love it Jar!

DLynn Proctor Tig & Orny & Sass

Rebecca Rapaszky ‎”Billy Fever”

Rebecca Rapaszky ‎(William Fevre)

DLynn Proctor ‎!! Never heard Billy Fever…WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Adrian Reynolds Jim Baloney = Giacomo Bologna

Thor Iverson Well, while we’re at it: please don’t use “varietal” when you mean “variety.”

Alfonso Cevola Put “Barolo of the South” on your list while you’re at it.



Reply by GregT, Oct 25, 2010.

Funny stuff D and if you knew that some of those same people used those very expressions before they learned that said expressions were "uncool", it's even funnier.

Moreover, many of these folks often have their own dopey expressions, e.g. "spoofilated", "spoofy", etc.  They're all attempts to be "cool". 

But I get the idea of off-limit expressions.  One of the reasons I'm not so fond of the beloved Matt Kramer is because he uses one of the expressions that makes my skin crawl - he wrote "hubby" and the word made it past the editor.  Who would write something so lame?

Reply by napagirl68, Oct 26, 2010.

I hate the term "juice" too.  I had a wine shop owner say he poured the "juice" wines on the weekdays, and the others on the weekends.. WTF?   What he meant was the mass produced, cheaper ones when he said juice.  I don't know what anyone else means by that, but I HATE that term.

Reply by napagirl68, Oct 26, 2010.

OH NO!!!  I have another one!!!   Have you ever heard anyone say "RED ZIN, please"??   LOL!!!!

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Oct 26, 2010.

Red Zin - is that an Oxymoron

IN Australia the colloquial for all alcohol is "Grog"

Do you feel like a grog

Lets go to the Grog shop

That grog is crap [or awesome]

Cheap grog

Dear Grog

Poof Grog [refers to pinot]

Lets hit the Grog tonight

The list goes on.....


Reply by Girl Drink Drunk, Oct 26, 2010.

Meritahj.  The word ain't French, yo.


Reply by Stephen Harvey, Oct 26, 2010.

Since we can't use Tokay {Tokaj} anymore

some clever marketing type came up with

"Itsokaj" - put the Is into tokaj

Reply by napagirl68, Oct 26, 2010.

GDD- I cannot TELLL you how many times uninformed tasting room personnel INSISTED on correcting my pronounciation of Meritage (like heritage).  They all want to say meritaj.. like you mention.

Good one. No, it ain't French at all!

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