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Pinot Noir GTi

Original post by Gregory Dal Piaz, Feb 9, 2009.

And so it goes, from the workhorse grape of Italy we know turn our attention to one of the greatest of the Vinifera grapes: Pinot Noir!

From Burgundy, Oregon, New Zealand, Portugal, California, Italy, Israel, you name it come great and unique renditions of this most persnickety variety.

Post your impressions and lets all keep an open mind. Pinot lovers seem to be some of the most passionate wine lovers and when it comes to their turf they'll defend it till the death...of the bottle they're drinking.

Uncork, share, discuss...Pinot Noir!

I'll start us off with

1988 Rene Leclerc Clos Prieur which was gorgeous on the nose with classic aged, smoked meat, mud and cherry fruits and while seductively silky in the mouth lacked a bit of complexity. Still that's splitting hairs since the joy in this wine was it's perfect state of maturity. Great in it's own special way.

Also on the agenda, a pair from Jadot.

The 2000 Jadot Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses was perfumed and spicy/sweet on the nose with ripe, gamy fruit in a medium bodied package just entering prime time drinking. A bit simple but suave and elegant.

The 1998 Jadot Volnay Clos de la Barre had an amazing nose that was so poised and precise pumping out notes of anise, leather, strawberry, dusty mineral and floral tones that I while I was let down abit by the palate, which was lovely if still a bit on the tannic side, it didn't stop me from spending a lot of time with this wine. I look forward to trying this again!

Well that's it, we're on our way.

Post your Pinot Notes!


Reply by Derek67, Feb 12, 2009.

Alma Rosa 2006 SRH Pinot Noir: Earthy and loaded with cranberry and cherry flavors. Dynamite nose and structure. Dynamite! Made by Richard Sanford, who I met at Pinot Days in June. His wines are very honest and full of flavor.


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Feb 13, 2009.

Hey Derek, we had an Alma Rosa last night in Snooth's PTP focus on Pinot! Nice note, thanks for sharing.

Nicolaus, Harmand Geoffroy makes very approachable Pinots. Two of my favorite producers in Burgundy are Rene Leclerc and Joseph Voillot. I think many of the 2005's are not showing their best now so I would look instead for 2000s. A lesser vintage perhaps but offering up a fine drinking experience right now!

Reply by Portoisgood, Feb 13, 2009.

how long does this Pinot tasting run for? I don't get paid until next week and would love to contribute an Oregon Pinot !

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Feb 13, 2009.

Hey Porto,

You've got another 10 days or so. we move to Tempranillo on Monday February 23rd.

Looking forward to hearing about your Pinot!

Reply by Portoisgood, Feb 13, 2009.

oh good! because we do have plenty of yummy ones out here! thanks.

Reply by Mark Angelillo, Feb 13, 2009.

Snooth Wine Friday meets GTI

Schug Carneros Heritage Reserve Pinot Noir (2006)
Spicy nose of black cherries, black pepper, and even a bit of lighter red fruit. The palate is bright, tart, acidic, with bunches of cranberries, oak and leather. Slightly medicinal on the finish, think children's cough syrup or a cherry amaro, which I happen to like... This is a mouth coater and sticks around for quite a while.

Reply by zuckerman, Feb 13, 2009.

One question: These GTI threads are going to live up here for a while, yes? So I can come back and review?

Reply by Philip James, Feb 13, 2009.

Same wine that Mark posted on:
"A very nice wine. Beautiful earthy, meaty mineral nose - really special. In the mouth its good enough wet wool, barnyard and dirt to keep it interesting, but thats balanced by some very nice spicy glacier cherry and sweet fruit. Very highly recommended"

My kind of pinot!

Reply by Mark Angelillo, Feb 13, 2009.

@zuckerman -- yes, we're not going to take them down. You might need to search for them once we move to the next GTI, though!

Reply by Philip James, Feb 13, 2009.

Zuckerman - yes, the threads will be active for ever, but after the 2 weeks we unsticky them so they fall off the homepage. However, you can use the search box on the right of the page and find the thread and add a review at any time.

Doing so will bump the thread up to the top of the list again

Reply by Mark Angelillo, Feb 13, 2009.

Another one for today:

Fiddlehead Cellars Oregon Pinot Noir Oldsville Reserve (2006)
Slightly hot nose, aromas of cola, bright fresh ripe cherries, and a bit of powdered sugar and oak. It's a refreshing wine, kind of a fruitbomb, bright and smooth with cherry cola flavors. Very drinkable.

Reply by jkagel, Feb 13, 2009.

I also enjoyed the Fiddlehead Mark mentioned. I've been trying mostly CA Pinots but really enjoyed this one. I thought it opened up particularly nicely after about 30 mnutes in the glass. Really smoothed out the finish.

Reply by jkagel, Feb 13, 2009.

One more for today - Siduri Pinot Noir Garys' Vineyard (2007)

A gentle tingle from the acids up front followed by a long smooth finish. Berries and oak from eginning to end.

I'm enjoying it right now and it's opening up quite nicely.

Reply by vigna uva vino, Feb 14, 2009.

Blind Tasting of 12 Pinot Noirs at Snooth
Flight 1
Under $20 from around the world

1 - 2006 Faively Bourgogne 13% $20

Muted nose of dried fruits, chalk, red berries, dry and diluted, with light pale colors, ghost-like, flat and flabby.

2 - 2007 Babich Marlborough 13.5% $15

Intense floral bouquet, minerality on nose with hints of strawberries, cherries, medium tannins, nice mid-palate.

3 - 2007 Schug Sonoma Coast 13.5% $20

Darker tones with vanilla on nose, fruit, fresh cherries, chewing gum, nicely floral, violet finish.

Flight 2
Entry level Oregonians

1 - 2006 - Ponzi Willamette 14.5% $34

A nose of cola with some vegetal notes, stewed fruits and flavors of blueberries, and violets and nicely balanced.

2 - 2006 Johan Willamette 14.5% $30

Floral nose, medium to heavy weight for a PN, ripe cherries, smoke, cola, with balanced finish.

3 - 2006 Stoller SV Dundee Hills 14.3% $40

Earthy barnyard, syrupy deep purple colors with balanced flavors of ripe cherries.

Flight 3
Mid range Californians

1 - 2006 Wild Horse Unbridled Santa Barbara County 14.3% $35

On the nose, cigar smoke, sweat, locker room, and a palate of sweet fruit bomb, pepper, cola and oakey midpalate.

2 - 2005 Alma Rosa La Encantada Vineyard St. Rita Hills 13.5% $45

Aromas of mushrooms, chocolate, cocoa, dried fruits, plums with high acidity, not very balanced.

3 - 2006 Schug Carneros Heritage Reserve 14.5% $40

Perfumed aromas of fresh flowers, cheese, powdered violets, like the candy, with bright flavors, cherries and integrated oak.

Flight 4
Mid range Oregonians

1 - 2006 Fiddlehead Oldsville Reserve Willamette 14.1% $50

High alcohol, white pepper, chalk, wood, medicinal, chemical acetone edge, with bits of cinnamon.

2 - 2006 Benton lane First Class Willamette 14.5% $45

Nose of vanilla, cherry syrup, vegetal and medium tannins.

3 - 2007 Antica Terra Willamette 13.5% $45

Floral bouquet with warmth, herbs, barnyard, and opened wide with a spicy finish.

Reply by fibo86, Feb 15, 2009.
Kooyong of Mornington Peninsula -Massale 2007 Pinot Noir 13%abv

Unfortunately this wine has a fault......
Will have to get another bottle to try.
Extreemly disappointed, as I have had a 2005 and it was divine.

Reply by Philip James, Feb 16, 2009.

I'm hoping someone can post a review of a southern New Zealand Pinot Noir - I'm extremely interested in that region and think that it'll be a force to be reckoned with in a few years...

Reply by fibo86, Feb 16, 2009.

Hey Phillip if you can find it there try the Wooing tree from Central Otago, it's a pinot with it's own set!
I'll get the Saddleback (Central Otago) next after swaping my kooyong for another hopefully today

Reply by Portoisgood, Feb 16, 2009.

Ok so here goes. Two from Oregon, one a bit of a small organic winery called Kramer Vineyards. I've gone and visited them a couple of times when visiting the Willamette Valley, small and homey, yet knowledgeable and honest with an obvious love of wine.
Their Estate bottled 2005 Pinot Noir is still showing to be a youthful ruby-purple, with aromas of black berry tea,smoked vanilla caramels and field herbs.More fruit driven then dry with the tannins and acidity in the medium minus spectrum (sorry WSET alumni) but it has a good balance. I'm thinking that though the body is good it could blossom.
It tastes to me of spicy marionberry bramble and dried herbs. good, I like these guys for something every day..
The other: Carlo & Julian Estate Pinot Noir 2005
also small batch, unfiltered, unfined...
Opaque brambly purple with a ruby rim.
On the Nose. let me say the French , bless them, have this wonderful word Terroir. If you've ever lived anywhere long enough you understand how this place can be well, everywhere in your life, you know it's smell, it's feel. Oregon can have Terroir in it's wine, you can smell the rain the very well, moldiness,of this place but in a good way, like walking into a really old bookstore.
So on the nose, you smell Oregon, all the berries are there, black, blue, marion, logan, even huckle....hints of pine, dusty roads, wet limestone, warm volcanic shist...
And the taste, I had'nt even swallowed yet! and I was awed! ok, sorry, medium dry(there is just so much fruit) med tannin, a bit high but it's good, medium low in acidity, yet still mouthwatering.all good good good! This is so well Balanced! like the Flying Walendas, on one toe.
On tasting the deeply flavorful fruit, sweet and tart at the same time, exploding over my tongue, it was like the best berry pie anybody's Mother or Grandmother ever made.
Both of these wines was a good price for Oregon Pinot, 18. and 23. respectfully. Come payday maybe I can find something more high end for all of you, but for now, wow the C&J rocks but I did like both...Cheers!

Reply by Portoisgood, Feb 16, 2009.

sorry that was sooooo long!

Reply by fibo86, Feb 17, 2009.

The wine I'm reviewing tonight is from Peregrine-Saddleback, Central Otago, NZ.
I don't think it's called saddleback over there though as it clashes with one of your wineries.
It's called Saddleback after a native NZ water bird called the Saddleback (Maori Tieke) it was thought to be extinct until recently where the numbers have increased to bring them back from the brink. Review:

Garnet/ruby red (to brick) hue
Violet and cherry, pensil shavings, leather(?)
Cherry, mushroom(?),earthy lots of length with fruity yet acidic finish.
I think with a bit more age this wine will become more elegant.
Great for mushroom or earthy base foods.

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