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power out for wine cooler

Posted by asheffie, May 24, 2008.

My cable tech unplugged my wine cooler about 10 days ago. I just realized it yesterday. Some wines have been in there 5 years at 55. Temp now at 67. Fortunately it is in the basement.

Is it better to leave the temp alone and keep the wines at 67, or turn the cooler back on to get it back to 55. If the answer is 67, I assume the plan would be to drink them all within the next year or so.



Reply by muddyrudder, May 25, 2008.

I think the temperature fluxuation is fine as long as it stays within 10 degrees plus or minus. And it has to be a slow gradual change. Even though the cable tech unplugged your cooler odds are it took the whole 10 days for the wine to cool to 67. Philip please correct me if i am wong but i believe the risk you run is that the wine you have in the cooler may not develop to its fullest potential. I am pretty sure you can keep wines in 65, even 70 degree weather with no problem as long as the temp is controlled.

Reply by Philip James, May 26, 2008.

Hey, good question, and good answer muddy.

As RBoulanger says in this thread ( wine is very resilient to short term fluctuations, and especially so if the temperature changes gradually.

Basically, you're totally fine. Firstly, 67 degrees is hardly warm, its still less than most indoor room temperatures, and secondly the fridge would have only heated up slowly. I would just turn the cooler back on and have it bring the temperature back to 55. If there's any way of doing it slowly do that - maybe drop it to 60 degrees first, then 55 the next day just to be sure.

If your wines are 5+ years aging they might be more delicate, but I think they'll do fine. Give them a few weeks after being re-cooled to get over any bottle shock and then you'll be good to go.

As an aside, dont forget that all wine that comes into the US from europe is shipper here in containers that are totally exposed to the rise and fall of the temperature as they are sailed across the Atlantic. They experience some pretty large temperature swings, yet generally recover by the time we buy them and take them home.

Reply by Philip James, May 26, 2008.

Sorry, last point: Ideal temperature is 55-60 degrees. Any warmer is ok for a limited period of time (maybe even a year or more), but over several years, the warmer it is, the faster the wine will age. When you are keeping a wine for 5 years the temperature band is more critical than, say for me, where I keep a wine for less than 6 months (mine are probably stored at 70)

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