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Pra Di Pradis, Stukara 1990: Ever heard of it?

Posted by dirkwdeyoung, Jan 12, 2010.

I just opened a bottle of this last night and it was really great. I am not especially good at picking out fruit flavors, but this time I had a definite feeling of plums in the mix. Others at the table suggested almonds and cassis. It is not on the Snooth listing and even I tried to google it and no results.
Out of business? On the back label it states a blend of Cabernet and Merlot, which is pretty normal, but this wine had a unique flavor. It is Italian and from Del Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Any ideas, or similar wines to look for?


Reply by dmcker, Jan 12, 2010.

Here's a listing of the '92:
Why don't you review it and create a page for the 1990 vintage, too?

One minimal 'review' (I'm being kind) of another vintage here:

There definitely aren't many cites on the winery or wine out there in cyberspace. What's there from vendors, bloggers or restaurant winelists is most often for their pinot grigio.

Here's a paragraph from a D.C. area wine blogger:
"Alessandro and I have known each other for about twenty-six years or so. He came over from Friuli where his father Franco Furlan has a very good winery with the same name. Over the years I have sold many cases of FRANCO FURLAN wines. We became friends as we worked together and as he charmed both my wife and my mother that think he is wonderful. I wrote about his excellent wines a few years ago with his family that he named " Pra di Pradis... I loved those Pra Di Pradis wines : they were all so special."

From another D.C. area blogger (how come there are so many down there?):
"***Pra di Pradis - From the owners of Castelcosa (see below). This is their reserve wine. Big rich wines of substance. Very racy wines. I love them, hard to find.
**Castelcosa - Very easy to find. This is a blended wine, the blend being across the zones of production. They are very recognizable by their bright mustard or goldenrod label which at first appears to be put on the bottle crooked. It's a great marketing ploy as their wines are instantly recognized. "

Reply by dirkwdeyoung, Jan 12, 2010.

Dmcker: You are very reliable, I had entered the Stukara in the search, but got nothing? This confirms that this is an interesting but difficult to find wine, I was lucky to find two bottles. How do you create such a page?

Reply by dmcker, Jan 13, 2010.

Dirk, click on the Snooth link I give at top of my last post, then click on the 'Interact' button that appears on the page for the '92 vintage, then scan down the dropdown menu to 'fix something' and click on the 'suggest a missing vintage'. Fill in any of the slots on the next page that are pertinent, and press 'submit', then add your review at the bottom of the new page and go through the save/submit process for it, too...

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