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Ratings and Recommendings

Posted by Philip James, May 25, 2007.

We've just revamped a couple of the pages - the recommendations and the ratings page. Mark and Clint have been working hard on these and they're basically done. A few more tweaks over the next few days and they will be squared away. We'll keep working on refining the algorithms that generate the recommendations themselves, but this is basically ready for launch. Next week we're going to add some search functionality, which will allow you to refine your results after the initial search, and then, after some clean up, we're going to launch.

It wont stop there - we have to build the social networking functionality, create the personalized home page, as well as our continual effort on enriching the data and improving the algorithms.

We're just excited to be this close. Have a good (long) weekend.


Blog comment by Betsey, May 25, 2007.

The ratings page looks fantastic. For beta testers that haven't logged in since the update yesterday, I definitely recommend logging in to see this page.

The other change that was made yesterday that was on the "popular request" list is that the tags that you search for now show up highlighted in the search results. This is particluarly useful on Snooth because Snooth looks for synonyms of words that you have typed in (for example if you type inexpensive, Snooth will search for bargain), so now if a synonym of your search term is in the results that term will stand out to you.

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