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Ratings graphs on profiles

Posted by atonalprime, Feb 14, 2010.

I just learned profiles have "Rating Distribution" bar graph (they have a 5-star rating system, clearly inferior to the 5-glass ratings system,) as well as "Top Reviewed Categories" and "Top Reviewed Neighborhoods" pie-graphs. The bar garph is a regular image, but the pie-graphs are FusionCharts in Flash.

I've always thought this woud be interesting to see on my own profile, and curious if snooth has ever considered it.

Top Reviewed Varietsals? Top Reviewed Regions?


Reply by Mark Angelillo, Feb 15, 2010.

Hey, this has definitely been considered. I'd find that information interesting to see on my profile, too.

No promises just yet, but it's been on our list for quite a while to have a user dashboard of sorts, where people can really dive into their wine reviews and see the trends.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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