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Santa Barbara bound!

Posted by AlineAlmeida, Feb 17, 2012.

I will be going to Santa Barbara at the end of March for a weekend of beach and wineries. Any recommendations?


Reply by JonDerry, Feb 17, 2012.

That's awesome, hope you have a good time and come back to let us know how it goes...

Recommendations (South/downtown): Jaffurs and Whitcraft are always fun, and they're right next to eachother in downtown Santa Barbara.

More towards Santa Ynez: BlackJack, Dierberg

Other Staples: Sanford, Melville, Zaca Mesa

Try to map out your winery visits, since there are so many trails in Santa Barbara, it can get to be a little too much driving if you're not careful.

Reply by shsim, Feb 17, 2012.

Yes!! Just north of Santa Barbara there are plenty of wineries! I dont know how much you intend to drive but ill give a quick what i know about the area..

The last time I went there, I stayed in Lompoc and visited the 'Lompoc ghetto' which has a bunch of wineries! You can sometimes get Seasmoke cellars at the tasting room of Taste of santa rita hills. I enjoyed that tasting room cos the guy who works there is Italian and is pretty knowledgeable and believes in food pairing. So he will give you cheese and other things to go with the wines he is pouring that day. He makes his own wine too, mainly italian blends. There are around 15 tasting rooms including Stolpman and Zotovich wineries.

You can also go around Santa Ynez valley where there is an entire street of wine tasting room available. It is in the little town of Los Olivos on Grand street avenues. There are easily 20 winery tasting rooms there! I enjoyed Tensley wines which is the same winemaker (Joe Tensley) from Carina Cellars who does alot of Syrahs (which I enjoyed and joined their wine club for it..). There is Qupe which is organic and interesting. You can find Stoplman and Byron here too.

If you choose to go off the road, highway 246 has a number of decent ones. Babcock had good table wine for decent price. Clos pepe has no tasting room but they offer it in Los olivos! I enjoyed Alma rosa (small family owned) and La fond on santa rosa road too! Beckmen is just south of Los Olivos and they have good syrahs! Zaca Mesa is up north and it is wonderful, their wines have been great! at Buelton there is the hitching post which is a restaurant known for their food as well.

I am not an expert in this area and am still exploring it too but this is what I have experienced so far!

Hope that helps!


Reply by shsim, Feb 17, 2012.

Oh I actually did not taste in downtown SB :/ so I dont know that area well!

Reply by AlineAlmeida, Feb 17, 2012.

Thanks guys!! I will be able to taste it all as a friend who doesn't drink will be driving, nice, eh? Thanks to both and please all, keep it coming!

Also any tips in restaurant and lodging (apart from 'Lompoc ghetto,' which I will check now) are welcome as well.

Reply by shsim, Feb 17, 2012.

Wow that is a great deal! Drink away and let us know about your experience! :D I am excited to hear from others about the area!

Food wise, I am only familiar with Goleta, UCSB area. They have freebirds burritos which is always good. Silvergreens on Isla Vista. These are more college student food. If you are looking for something more upscale... Hitching post steakhouse. Breakfast and brunch at local favorite paula's in Solvang. I tried Avant tapas last time I went and that was fun. They have a wine dispenser wall! So you can taste many different wines from the area there and pair with many tapas that they have! It is hidden in an industrial park area. If you like beer, you can try out the new Figueroa Mountain brewing which is in the same industrial park. They are only a year old and their beers are not well established yet. It is a fun place with a cool concept!

Reply by EMark, Feb 17, 2012.

Food in S.B.:  The Chase on State Street--Mom&Pop Italian.  Awesome.

Reply by dannar, Feb 17, 2012.

Do not miss Sanford!!  Beautiful property, gorgeous drive, and wonderful wines.  I personally love their Dominio del Falcon 08 Pinot Noir.  I also really enjoyed Foxen Canyon Wine Trail.  Also a gorgeous drive.  I really enjoyed both of Foxen's tasting rooms.  Rancho Sisquoc is a gorgeous place for a little wine picnic.  Their wines were a little too sweet for my palate though, but otherwise enjoyable.  Zaca Mesa and Tres Hermanas was recommended to me, but I ran out of much to taste, so little time :). 

Foley and Sunstone were also enjoyable.  If you make it to Mosby (just down the road from Sanford on the Santa Rita Hills Wine Trail), be sure to check out the novelty of their restrooms... also, although I'm not much into dessert wines, they have a raspberry dessert wine that is great with dark chocolate :). 

As for lodging, check out Solvang Gardens. It's family ran, quaint, affordable and has two beautiful garden areas where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine.  From there you have easy access to both the wine trails I mentioned above.  For dining, I enjoyed Trattoria Grappolo.

Hope this helps!  I was there last year, fell in love with the whole area and cant wait to go back! Please post when you get back and let everyone know how you enjoyed it!


Reply by eyeseefilm, Feb 18, 2012.

Pizza from Olio Pizzeria with Sangiovese wine !

Reply by AlineAlmeida, Feb 21, 2012.

Wow... such great tips! Thanks everyone!!!


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