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Search by ZIP code... unless you're in PA.

Posted by gr, Aug 27, 2008.

For one thing, and I know this is already on the list, why can't I just search by ZIP code outright, preferably coughing up results based on my recommendations? Why do I have to search for a few terms and *then* limit to my zip code?

But that's not the real reason I'm posting. That is this: Try setting your location to 19122. Or 19107. Or 19081. Or, really, any valid ZIP between 15000 and 19699 (neither of which are themselves necessarily valid ZIP codes).

Please, suck down the PLCB listings. Please. I expect residents of OH and MA would appreciate it if you did something similar for their state-owned retail operations. (Er... assuming OH is still state-owned. It's been a while.)


Reply by Mark Angelillo, Aug 28, 2008.

If you click through to the search page you should be able to narrow by zip code directly from there. That's an "All wines on Snooth" search already.

We'll look into getting those PLCB listings just as soon as we can. Thanks for the report, and bear with us PA!

Reply by gr, Aug 28, 2008.

Aha, so it is! I think I must have been, initially, confused by the relocation of the "location" field up next to the search bar, rather than with the other search limiting handles. (I'm not complaining: I think it's fine there, just not what I was used to from before.)

Incidentally, why doesn't that zip code default to the one defined in my account settings? (I definitely don't want to be locked to it, because I want to be able to change it while I'm on the road, but it seems like a better default than no default...)

Oh, and clearly in that iPhone app you're working on to the exclusion of all else, this should make use of the "current location" feature. ;^>

Reply by Philip James, Nov 20, 2008.

Gr - the iphone app is out, and is zip code enabled - i cant remember if your an iphone user or not...

Reply by gr, Nov 25, 2008.

I am, but the real whinge here, as I mentioned via email, was the absence of PA listings. :^>

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