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Seattle Urban Wineries

Posted by Lucha Vino, May 11, 2017.

The Urban Winery scene in Seattle is booming.  The movement began with six wineries combining forces to create the South Seattle Artisan Wineries.  These wineries were early pioneers on the Seattle wine landscape, pooling resources for marketing and all agreeing to be open the second Saturday of each month.

The SSAW association included: Cadence, Fall Line, Nota Bene, Laurelhurst, Bartholomew and OS.

Now, there are close to 28 member wineries in the Seattle Urban Wineries group.  Many of these wineries are open every weekend of the year.  All carry on the tradition of being open for tastings on the Second Saturday of each month.

You can taste wine from Georgetown to Roosevelt and all points in between.  Just like the variability in location, you can taste wines from a mega-producer in Charles Smith to a nano-winery like Ward Johnson. 

No matter who you visit, you are sure to find some interesting, high caliber, Washington wines served by people that are passionate about their wine and promoting Washington Wines.

Here are some of my favorites (from South to North):

Laurelhurst Predominantly red wines from Walla Walla, Red Mountain and Horse Heaven Hills AVAs.  Bold, rich and enticing without being overwhelming.  Greg and Dave typically have up to 8 wines open for tasting the second Saturday of each month.

Cloudlift  White and Red wines that are made to be enjoyed with food.  Each of the wines showcases the distinct character of the dominant grape.

Bartholomew Bart Fawbush makes some of the most unique wines in Washington.  He has three current wines that feature Carmenere': a Rose', a 50/50 blend of Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon and a BDX style blend that features Carmenere' prominently in the blend.

Kerloo Ryan Crane began his wine making adventure in Walla Walla while maintaining his residence in Seattle.  Two years ago he moved back to Seattle and has helped anchor a boom in Walla Walla wineries opening tasting rooms in the SODO district of South Seattle.

Structure is located in the same business park as Kerloo.  Brian and Brandee opened their Seattle urban winery about 5 years ago.  Brian loves Syrah and Brandee loves Cabernet Franc.  Together they make some awesome wines!  Be sure to check out their recent vintage that features 5 single vineyard Syrahs.

Eight Bells is located in the Roosevelt neighborhood and features a nice selection of red wines all sourced from the Red Willow vineyard.  The wines do an outstanding job of showing off the character of this top level Washington State Vineyard.  Make sure you check out the David's Block field blend.  This is a block of red wine grapes planted by David Lake, one of the original founders of the Washington Wine movement.

Ward Johnson is a family owned and operated winery.  They feature red wines that are made from grapes sourced from some of the best vineyards on Red Mountain.

If you are visiting Seattle, you HAVE to check out the urban winery scene.





Reply by dvogler, May 11, 2017.

Now you have me thinking of doing this instead of the bike race!

Reply by Lucha Vino, May 11, 2017.

If you change your mind about racing, I'm attending a wine club release party at Kevin White winery in Woodinville on Saturday.  I can probably get you on the guest list if you want to go. :-)

We could meet up near my place so you don't have to drive that far North.

Reply by dvogler, May 11, 2017.

The sad thing is, it's supposed to be actually decent weather for once!  I'm going to race but the wine sure is tempting!  Thanks for the offer though. 

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