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Posted by ApelsecS, Dec 20, 2017.

Ok, I have a crazy idea that needs improvements and professional suggestions. I'm sure we can make something cool of it.

So I'm experimenting with three things - Dry Gin + Kombucha + lemon.

Kombucha has very unique long lasting flavor and obviously replaces tonic, while lemon makes this mix smooth... but I'm sure there is something is missing!

suggestions? feedback? ideas? proportions? name?



Reply by dmcker, Dec 21, 2017.

Reading the title of your thread, Apelsecs, I was looking forward to reading about an adventure into distilling psilocybin liquor. Was curious about how you'd retain the psychoactives in the process. Now I see you're just playing with Kombucha. Did you know the name is from a Japanese term (kombu) for kelp, and that in Japan 'kombucha' is made from kelp and actually good for you? The Chinese mold-growth drink should have another name, IMHO. And as to whether it's really good for you, the jury is still out....

Reply by ApelsecS, Dec 21, 2017.

Well, of cause I didn't plan to discuss psilocybin and ayahuasca recipes on public forums - the title was kind of ad... and, from what you said I can conclude that title actually worked very well, since you replied in this thread :P

Yes, I know what Kombucha is, because I've been growing it at home for several years before it died (my fault), but I didn't realize how good it is with Gin&Lemon till today!

Anyway, you are right - it needs some good name that highlights what it is. Probably some Japanese word... anyone speaks Japanese here?

Reply by rckr1951, Dec 21, 2017.

How about this slogan - "Don't Get Off - Take Off"

Reply by dmcker, Dec 22, 2017.

Actually Kombucha is 昆布茶 (direct translation is kelp tea) in Japanese and the name is just fine for the kelp-based tea that was mentioned before. And that's pretty much all the kombucha being drunk in Japan other than a very, very little of the type you're talking about that has recently appeared in in pop up hipster 'health' cafes that tend to close down before long. No roots in Japan at this point. Oh, and with the kelp version, dried plum is not infrequently added. You can find it in most any market, large or small, as well as tea shops and various online vendors--not so with the fungal version.

The version you're discussing is called 紅茶キノコ  (koucha-kinoko, or black tea fungus) in Japan, and to further confuse poor Japanese sometimes コンブチャ ('konbucha' in a special syllabary for imported words, not in Kanji characters) when it's used in a 'cleanse' context.

So what you're talking about isn't 'kombucha' at all, nor is it at all Japanese, thus my suggestion of an entirely new name that doesn't need to be Japanese. It's of Chinese derivation, and according to more than one nutritionist not necessarily all that good for you. Leaving the last issue aside, perhaps it's time for a Chinese name? As it stands now with the current name it's kind of faking it...

FWIW I'm fairly fluent in Japanese.

Paul, considering what the stuff does to the gut of some drinkers, not a bad jingle slogan, though it still feels like it needs more polish.  ;-)

So Apelsecs, where are the psychedelics?

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