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Sh*t I am Diggin.

Posted by guest, Nov 19, 2008.

My favorite street art website hails out of New York and it is called, Wooster Collective .  Their daily e-mail touts “Fresh Stuff” “Seen on the Streets” and “Shit we’re Diggin.”  The photo posted at right is by an artist named Ludo and is part of his Nature’s Revenge series.  The image hails from the streets of Paris.

I received the Wooster e-mail with this photo on October 8 and I found it a fitting artistic representation of Harvest 2008 - the struggle of a difficult and challenging growing season with grape yields frighteningly low.  Mother Nature took her revenge this year.  And in Ludo’s own words describing this series: “[it represents] nature's mutations to face every day human aggressions and pollutions. What kind of morphology would adopt the plants as a self-defense for our disrespectful technology and modernism against the environment?”  Please note that the up and down weather extremes we saw this growing season has prompted me to join the Napa Valley Vintners Climate Study Committee.  It is too early to talk about what we are doing to help the future generations of grape growers here in California; I will in the future but for now let me switch gears as I had no intention to dwell on the negative in this post.  I want to talk about “Shit I am Diggin” at the moment.  Last time we did a little survey of Snooth wine drinkers, this time let’s have fun and talk about the things wine (or not) that we are into at this moment.  I’ll start….

The Underpriced gem on the wine list.  Sometimes wines on wine lists at restaurants get overlooked, the wine sits properly stored and the price on the list never changes.  I was fortunate to encounter this twice in one week.  First time it was the 2005 Rudd Sauvignon Blanc for $32/bottle. The current release of this wine retails from $32 or more in select stores.  Then there was a 2003 Larkmead Cabernet . The current release of our wine is $55/bottle retail.   The 2003 on the restaurant wine list was $90/bottle.   I find that to be a steal considering potential markups at restaurants.

Very Short List .  Another daily e-mail newsletter that presents “great discoveries [of] high and low culture [in a] short, sweet e-mail.”  They’ve expanded to produce daily “Science” and daily “Web” e-mail blasts.  A friend and former colleague works there and if he reads this shameless promotion for his site, maybe he’ll be excited about creating a “VSL Wine” e-mail.

Sergio Esposito from Italian Wine Merchants weekly e-mail newsletter .  Especially a recent mail where he compares Ella Fitzgerald and Alicia Keys to a Conterno Barolo and a La Spinetta Barbaresco.  Sergio must have stumbled upon fellow blogger, Adam’s wine and music posts . .  Free movies and TV shows with limited commercial interruption on your computer.  Since I am an Apple user with no real sense of how to make my computer Windows friendly to instantly download Netflix movies, I turn to Hulu.  Most recently I watched The Fifth Element and the now defunct television sitcom series based on Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential.”  Next up, WKRP in Cincinnati.

The A16 Food + Wine cookbook.  Hands down one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco.  Named after Autostrada sedici (A16), the restaurant focuses on southern Italian food and wine starting in Naples where the Autostrada cuts through Campania to Puglia.  A16 owner and wine director, Shelley Lindgren will be in NYC at Vestry Wines in Tribeca signing copies of the book and walking you through a tasting of Southern Italian wines.  Check it out. I will be jealous if you do.

Barrett’s Mixology.  The young folks at the Darmouth Review have a special section called Barrett’s Mixology which takes a J. Peterman catalog approach to mixing a fine cocktail.  The archive can be accessed after the jump .

What else am I diggin’ this days…. A beautiful girl in Sacramento.  The end of Harvest.  North Eastern Italian white wines (just had an awesome bottle of Oriel Portia made by Giorgio Venica (Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Tocai). Kirstin’s Vin de la Table food and wine blog.  And Snooth Pulse , and Groups of course.

How about you?

Dan Petroski is Assistant Winemaker at Larkmead Vineyards in Napa Valley. Dan has an MBA from New York University and worked as an Ad Exec in New York for several years, before switching it up and trading his suit for a move out west.


Reply by Kirstin, Dec 1, 2008.

I think that I might have to make my own what I'm diggin' list for I'm glad you shared the grape graffiti, I mean grapitti. I'll be checking out that link soon.
The A16 cookbook is beautiful. Makes we want to light a fire and roast a bird.

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