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SONOMA! Give me your recommendations..

Original post by napagirl68, Jul 12, 2013.

So I am sneaking away to Sonoma for a few days.  I have spent tons of time up in RRV and Sebastopol, and I think I want to revisit the lower valley this time- Kenwood, Glen Ellen...  I would love recommendations for wineries, hotels, motels, vac. rentals, and restaurants.  Sonoma proper would be ok to stay, as is close to those areas.  Plan on hiking around in Jack London SP, since it's been about 15yrs since I've been there.  Any ideas are welcomed and appreciated! 


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Reply by Throwdown, Jul 21, 2013.

I've been stalking this thread and napa girl, out there's posts.  I'M flying out  Tuesday, staying 3 nights at Bw dry creek in healdsburg.  Will stop at cornerstone gardens on the way up, and will try to get into enkidu in kenwood.  then catch the Tuesday night concert in the park in healdsburg.  Will bike the chalk hill area weds, then dinner at scopa.  Thursday is open, then move to Guerneville for 2 nights at Fern grove cottages as I am 'racing' hah! Vineman  just the aquabike on Saturday.  Then on to yountville for 2 nights at maison fluerie, and one night at waters edge in tiburon before heading home.  Only been in the area one other time , never on the napa side and will want to get in some biking hiking to burn off all the wine.  So much wine, such little time. I know I'm a light weight and can't handle more than 3 vineyards a day, so we are just going to tool around and see where the wind takes us. I am taking a lot of notes from your trip reports so thanks heaps!  Really looking forward to this trip and lots of yummy tastings.

Reply by outthere, Jul 21, 2013.

Throwdown, packing a lot into one week. Well done! When you are in Guerneville stop by Korbel and take the tour. Beautiful property and interesting tour.

In Healdsburg proper a pit stop at Holdredge Wines is a must. Next door to them is a collective with another 10 wineries represented. Davis Family is one of the good ones there. Enjoy your time on my hood!

Tell me you already have reservations a SCOPA.

Reply by Throwdown, Jul 21, 2013.

Yes, yes and yes.  We were in healdsburg  a couple of years ago biking and really enjoyed it, but found out quickly that biking and wine tastings didn't mix especially on a hot day!  Did a lot of the biggies, korbel, chateau st jean, a couple out on dry creek, and stopped at a tasting bar in HB  - Hauck?  Trouble is, I have problems finding wine I don't like.......  

 I will try both of your recommendations -- what about Ramey?  We have rezzies at Scopa, but no where else.  Will do bigger lunches and just graze for dinner.  I just came back from two years near the Margaret river area and miss it beyond words.  There was a vineyard there - Heydon Estates, sigh....their Chardonnay, their I'm on the hunt to find a CA equal.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jul 22, 2013.

OT has the serious local info--you'll probably pass him on the roads at some point--but if you have time, I highly recommend tasting at Mauritson at the corner of Lytton Springs and Dry Creek Road.  Tell 'em I sent you and if the proprietors are there, they will know who you're talking about.  Also Talty and Bella--Bella has the coolest caves.  Ridge has a tasting room on Lytton Springs and, although I am allergic to paying to taste, it's a chance to have Montebello by the glass if it's otherwise outside of your price range. 

Have a great time--as if anything could stop you!

Reply by EMark, Jul 22, 2013.

Throwdown, I think I know that Best Western.  It is a very easy drive from there to Mauritson.  I took Foxall's advice and visited them a month ago.  Two outstanding things about Mauritson:

  1. Outstanding wine.  Believe me, you want to go there for their Zinfandel, but they have a wide variety of bottlings, and every one is spot on, e.g., I am not a Pinot Noir guy, but I loved theirs; I am a Cabernet Sauvignon guy, and theirs is outstanding; Mrs. EMark is a white wine bigot, and we also came home with their Chardonnay and their Sauvignon Blanc.
  2. A very well-run tasting room.  The staff is very knowledgeable, courteous, engaging and accommodating.  They actually understand the concept of "customer service."

The next time I go up there I am going to make time to visit Talty.

It appears that you have a pretty busy trip planned.  You're going to have a great time.

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