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Sonoma Meet and Greet at Trattoria Della Santina's

Posted by outthere, Mar 7, 2013.

Thought Foxall would have chimed in on this already but... A couple evenings ago some local Sonoma area wine geeks got together with a few winemakers for dinner at Trattoria Della Santina's in Sonoma. Joining us were GdP and Foxall. Good Italian fare, good company and good wines. No notes as there was too much going on. Just enjoyed the ride. Nice to finally meet GdP and reconnect with Foxall!

  • S. Coquillett Cuvée Diane Brut
  • 2009 Ca' Marcanda Bolgheri Vistamare - Vermentino Blend - really enjoyed this. Incredible nose, lively palate.
  • 2012 Keating Wines Rose of Cabernet - Could have used more acidity for my likes but nice
  • 2009 Ignaz Niedrist Lagrein Suditrol Berger Gei - Fox brought this one, interesting and paired well with my Duck.
  • 2010 Girlan Gschleier Vernatsch Alte Reben - GdP wins for most obscure wine. Hell, I couldn't even pronounce it. Took forever to write it down.
  • 2001 Paolo Bea Sagrantino di Montelfalco Secco - most interesting wine of the night for me. A lot going on, great structure.
  • 1996 Tenuta dell'Ornellaia Bolgheri - was very polished and drinking well
  • 2006 Agharta "Exhibit B" - this was my contribution and in hindsight I should have chosen something different. Great nose but the extended elevage of 35 months left it needing many years to evolve. Big fruit, big oak, big upside.
  • 2007 Lancaster Estate Sophia's Hillside Cuvée Alexander Valley - Another wine that needs time to unwind.
  • 1997 Guiseppi E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Monprivato - Mine and others WOTN. A pure joy to drink.


Reply by amour, Mar 7, 2013.

I appreciate your comment on that Super Tuscan: 1996 Ornellaia!


Reply by Richard Foxall, Mar 7, 2013.

Thanks for that--I'm behind on some things as I prepare for a trip out of town and a big court hearing. 

That Mascarello was pretty much everyone's WOTN, I think.  It had been opened ahead of time, so it had a chance to get air, but it was still evolving quite a bit as the night wore on.  Unfortunately, in spite of my efforts to protect it (really, hoard it for myself the couple people at my end of the table who I would be forced to share it with), it emptied very quickly, but we had enough time with it to see it round out and shift from mostly-tar-and-some-roses to mostly-roses-and-some-tar. 

I decided on the Lagrein because I know GdP likes Lagrein, as I do, and I wouldn't be able to decant a Barolo.  Besides, bringing a Barolo to GdP seemed unnecessary.  And it's just a great food wine, glad it went with your duck.  (I had duck ragu and OT and GdP had straight duck; we were all drinking that with the food.)

My own take on the Ornellaia was that the nose promised a lot, but I've rarely tasted a wine in that quality level that died so quickly on the palate.  Toward the end of the bottle, it had fleshed out a bit.

But it really delivered on the nose--and if you could have put that nose together with the multiple layers in the Sagrantino, the combined effect would have given the Monprivato a run for the money.  The dominant impression I got from the Sagrantino was rich, dark coffee, but not harshly tannic. 

Initial impression of the Agharta was that I was being hit in the face with tannin, if that's possible.  But that wasn't really what was happening: The wine is just wound up really tightly and needs a lot of time for everything to settle down and let the fruit emerge, along with a little well-managed leafiness.  By the end of the night (this was the last thing I was drinking while others were onto Port), I thought I saw the bright future of this wine unfolding. 

The Lancaster never showed me anything that made me want to go back to it, which was a shame.  This wasn't a line-up that rewarded coyness.

That Ca'Marcanda was ordered off the restaurant's list because no one brought a still white, and it turned out to be brilliant.  A really perfumey nose, which probably has a lot to do with the viognier.  It was perfumey in a nice way, kind of like a toned-down walk through the first floor of Macy's.  I thought it delivered well with the appetizers--enough richness and acid to work with the burrata and the prosciutto.  But it wasn't a lot to go around with eight of us.

Thanks for inviting me, OT--hope we can do it again.  Interesting bunch of guys and now I can say I have a contact at Robert Foley.

Reply by JonDerry, Mar 7, 2013.

Really cool guys, sounds like a great time had by all.

Hope we can get together later this year when I make it up.

Reply by outthere, Mar 7, 2013.

I had brought the Agharta in to the restaurant a few hours early and asked them to open it and let it breathe. They pulled the cork, turned it over and put it back in the bottle. Did it no justice whatsoever.  Plus it dumped the wax seal back into the bottle, you can't fix stupid. If I knew they didn't have an issue with me bringing in a previously opened bottle I would have double decanted it the previous evening. Oh well.

+1 on the hook-up with Eric. This was my first time meeting him and his first offline though likely not his last. Seemed like he really enjoyed himself. As we all did! You also are now hooked up with Keating Wines, Sonkin Cellars and the Monte Rosso Vineyard!

I'll let you know the next time something pops up.

Reply by outthere, Mar 7, 2013.

JD, give us some advance notice (30 days +) and we'll throw something fun together. Maybe a TRB night?

Reply by Richard Foxall, Mar 7, 2013.

Hey, JD, if you like NASCAR, I hear another SoCal Snoother will be up her in late June, along with the Mrs. 

In any case, if you give me notice we can do Que Syrah? in May and maybe get OT to show for the lamb barbecue. (Leg, sausage, kabobs, you name it.) By then the weather is reliable enough to grill.

Yeah, that was a tragedy, OT.  Sad part is you even had time to kill and could have fixed the problem if you had known.  The wine's promise was evident by the end of the night.  I didn't feel that way about the Lancaster.

Reply by JonDerry, Mar 7, 2013.

Not sure on the timing yet, I have a big work thing going on in late June that pretty much takes up the whole 2nd half of the month. That said, maybe May or July are best for me.

OT, that bottle screw up brings back memories of that place in Yountville we went to, they weren't so stoked about the previously opened bottle, though privately I was saying "pipe down, that's an 89' Beau!"

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