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The Best Vintage Winery in Napa Valley

Posted by gregorymboelter, Feb 8.

There are so many great Vintage wines present in Napa Valley, which are delicious, and are reasonably priced. Let me explain a little bit about two common styles of making Vintage wine;

1.    Traditional Method

This classic style of Vintage wine has been made famous by Champagne for over 250 years. To make traditional method Vintage wine, it is first fermented in tanks or barrels, and then transferred to the bottle. Then, a tirage is added (sugar and yeast) to each bottle, and a bottle cap is placed on top to trap the carbon dioxide inside the bottle. Riddling (slowly turning the bottle over, time to move sediment to the top of the bottle), then discharging (freezing the dead yeast, and sediment at the top of the bottle, then releasing the pressurized particulates), and a dosage (reserve wine and cane sugar) is used to top off any wine lost during discouragement. Spanish Cava is also made in the traditional method, so you tend to get a lot of value out of these Champagne counter parts.

2.    Charmat Method

This method is commonly used to make Prosecco, patented in the late 19th century. After the initial fermentation process, the wine is placed in pressurized stainless steel tanks, and then mixed with sugar, and yeast. The sugars turn to alcohol & carbon dioxide, forming naturally, and gets preserved inside the tank. The resulting Vintage wine is then filtered, and bottled. The Charmat method is less expensive to produce than traditional method wine, and therefore less expensive for the consumers.


Reply by GregT, Feb 8.

The point of this post is - ?

And that's how you make "vintage" wine eh?

I suppose it works for vintage Port too? That's why the stuff is so good?

Reply by vin0vin0, Feb 8.

Well Gregorymboelter, I think I'd rather read your cut and pastes from the Keenan Winery website. What you've posted here makes no sense wrt to your topic line, which in itself makes no sense.  No such thing as "Vintage Winery" so I'm guessing that was a fat finger and should have said Vintage Wine.  Vintage indicates which year the grapes were harvested and has nothing to do with methods to produce sparkling wine.

Reply by dmcker, Feb 8.

Hey, at least someone's trying to talk about how to make wine, and differences in wines, and other deeper subjects than just posting pictures of what they drank without commentary!  ;-)

Though the description does somehow remind me of an assistant who was tasked with taking minutes-of-meeting notes on three-party negotiations for a software rights deal and who not only didn't get the reporting right but tried to send the first draft out to all concerned parties, without vetting or approval by me. Unfortunately she didn't ultimately work out....

GregMB, does your explanation hold for still wines, too?

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