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The only place of its kind in Europe

Posted by LA WINERY, Sep 3, 2009.

The first major wine tourism site just 30 minutes away from Bordeaux

Just 30 minutes away from Bordeaux, on the road leading to the Médoc vineyards, a contemporary cultural site made of glass and steel stands in a 26-hectare park: La Winery.
This is neither a conservatory nor an academy. It is a huge complex offering newcomers and wine-lovers alike a modern, accessible and personalized approach to wine.

You won't find a château or traditional winemaking facilities here. Instead you will discover a place that changes with the seasons and the events on offer, a transparent site that fits in perfectly with its natural surroundings.

Welcome to La Winery…


Reply by LA WINERY, Sep 3, 2009.

Did you know? The Médoc is home to one of France's finest wine cellars! The 1,000m² shop at La Winery offers a selection of 1,001 French and foreign wines. It is like a cathedral of bottles kept in an air-conditioned atmosphere, representing the best of the world's winegrowing areas and with prices ranging from €5 to almost €1000.

Thanks to the special relationship between La Winery and our partners, we can offer some absolute gems from France or further afield: wines made by young committed growers, bottles from unknown terroirs, old vintages, bottles you will not find on the traditional market, etc.

La Winery is a genuine talent spotter and will share these discoveries from its fabulous selection with you at the numerous special events and tasting sessions regularly held in the presence of winegrowers.

Our philosophy is simple : give each wine-lover - newcomers and connoisseurs alike - the very best and guarantee total satisfaction.

This ambitious undertaking is backed up by our expertise:
- strict wine selection
The 1,001 wines at the shop have been tested by our selection committee. Run by the young, talented sommelier Arnaud Plard, this committee aims to choose the highest-quality wines in each terroir, selling at the fairest price. The wines selected by La Winery are stored in optimum conditions thanks to controlled temperature and relative humidity systems.

- high-quality advice
Driven by the ambition to share their passion, the Winery shop team will guide you in your choices and will also give you tips on their own personal favourites. All our advisors are professionals and will listen to your wishes and needs carefully before giving you personalized advice. You can contact them either at La Winery or online.

Reply by dmcker, Sep 3, 2009.

So Philippine, are you basically a wine shop? And why are you bumping your own very-vague press-release thread with more press release copy?

Reply by LA WINERY, Sep 3, 2009.

I just told you in another post. I just wanted to put a description of the site. I am still learning how to use Snooth.
But anyway...

We are a wine shop, but first of all we are a wine tourism site. It's a very new, modern and innovative concept.
What we want is to give people another approach to wine. We want people to see a new vision of the wine, by discovering modern art exhibitions, participating to thematic wine tastings, have lunch or diner in our gourmet restaurant, go for a walk in our 26-hectare park and to relax by the lakes, discover more than 1000 references of wines from all over the world, ...

I think this concept is so amazing, I want it to be known around the world.
Actually, because you wanted to know more about me, I am studying management of wines and spirits, doing a master degree. The course combines work and academic study so I am working at La Winery. I am actually writing my memoir about wine tourism, a concept I really admire.
La Winery is a beautiful example of the kinds of modern wine tourism site we should have in the Médoc region.

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