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The Post talks about the 2010 vintage- east & west.

Posted by ChipDWood, Sep 2, 2010.

Click here for the whole article, but here's some choice quotes regarding the potential brilliance and disaster along the Atlantic coast:

"This has been a strange year for vintners, both here in the East and on the West Coast.

"We remember a winter of record snows, but local winemakers recall a quick warm-up that brought summerlike temperatures in early April, leading the vines to bud earlier than usual. Record-setting heat through the summer kept the grapes ripening rapidly, sending sugar levels upward. The accelerated ripening created two worries: that grapes might ripen unevenly, leading to unbalanced wines, and that various grape varieties might ripen all at once instead of in succession over several weeks, putting extra pressure on winery capacities and personnel.

"We are seeing the earliest harvesting of grapes in Virginia in memory," said Tony Wolf, viticulturist at Virginia Tech and a consultant to many wineries in the Old Dominion.

At Virginia Wineworks, a custom-crush facility south of Charlottesville that plays home to several wineries, grapes started rolling in Aug. 9, while winemaker Michael Shaps was supervising the winery's expansion and renovation - work he'd thought would be finished before harvest.

"This week has been bedlam," Shaps said in an Aug. 12 e-mail. "Grapes are starting to arrive, contractors still milling around the winery, a couple of power outages, and all the while bottling. Yikes!..."

(Ed. Note: I was there during that week btw- offering to help, be a 'bottle monkey' for Michael but they had an issue with the construction regarding their electrical feed, so it was held back and I couldn't participate- to my chagrin.)




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