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To Sparkle or not to Sparkle...

Posted by akops41, Dec 13, 2007.

I'm not that big a fan of sparkling wine. Champagne more specifically (I know I know), but all sparkling wines in general never seem to come close to my love of still wines. On occasion, a nice crisp Prosecco does the trick, but I think something in the flavor profile is lost for me with the addition of fizz (not to mention that lovely morning-after headache that comes after an evening of bubbly). Perhaps its the bite of the carbon dioxide bubbles on my tongue and the tingle as it goes down my throat. Perhaps its because I love rich tasting reds and crispy whites over creaminess and subtlety.

Last night we went out for the Snooth holiday party, and a celebratory glass of Paul Georg Napoleon Rose was poured in a flute in front of me. Reluctant at first, I took a small sip expecting to have my usual underwhelmed reaction - fizz, yeasty mild flavor, meh. Instead, what greeted me was a crisp and fruity, yet bold sparkling wine. My tongue was not overcome with fizz and the fruit really punched through. This needed more investigation. I took another sip, and then another, and another. Before I knew it, my glass was near empty. I had enjoyed it.

My experience with Paul Georg has intrigued me and left me with a few questions. Where has all this delicious champagne been all my life? Is it possible that only one or two bad experiences turned me off from enjoying this well celebrated style of wines? Or, have I been permanently scarred by my college days of drinking Andre straight out of the bottle?

I plan on doing some "research" in the coming weeks so I can be sure to have a similarly pleasant experience on New Years Eve. Any recommendations for this budding sparkling wine drinker?


Reply by razmaspaz, Dec 13, 2007.

I think I echo your feelings exactly.

Let me know how this newfound optimism works out for you

I tried and tried to find just one that excited me, and I gave up. Just as I predicted though, here comes another teaser to get my hopes up.

Blog comment by Jeff, Dec 13, 2007.

Annie, if you like the odd Prosecco, a better direction than champagne or rose might be a white with some carbonation. There's a lovely vinho verde from Portugal, Gazela, that is very effervescent--and an incredibly inexpensive start in a fresh direction. If you're in NYC, try USW (

Blog comment by annie, Dec 16, 2007.

thanks raz - good to know im not the only one out there!

jeff - will give that one a try. Ive tried a few vinho verdes here and there and theyve always been really delicious to me.

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