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Posted by xpicassox, Oct 23, 2013.

Met with Cinzia Travaglini and Antonia from Palm Bay Imports for a dinner and tasting at Gugino Restaurant in Tribeca the other night. Cinzia tasted me on her most current vintages of the great Travaglini line-up. We started out with their Nebbiolo Coste dell Sesia, their basic most intry level wine from Travaglini .. But it is anything but entree level. The wine was awesome, I just loved it. It was in perfect balance with very nice fruit and a nice little twinge of licorice underneath. It was just a wonderful wine that I couldn't stop drinking the whole night through. We then moved on to Travaglini's most improtant wine, their Gattinara normale vintage 2007, it was wonderful and a wine that we sell quite a lot at our restaurant. It was then on to the Gattinara Reserva 2006, a great wine. Cinzia then tasted me on the Gattinara Tre Vigna, a Gattinara made of 3 special vineyards on there estate that have really great geographical locations and each bring some key aspect to the wine that makes for one great perfectly balance well structured wine. It's just great. It was then on to one very special wine that Cinzia's father Giancarlo Travaglinie created in 2004, "il Sogno" The wine is made in the appassimento method of picking the best grapes, then drying them on matts for 3 months before vinifying. In essence a AMarone style wine with Nebbiolo Grapes, the same as Sforvato from Lombardia. The il Sogno 2006 is an amaizng wine. The wonderful dry fruit flavors, along with fresh fruit taste, licorice and other exotic flavors that aren't easy to identify but are wonderful never the less. The wine has power, but not too much, just the right amount. IL Sogno means "The Dream," which was a dream of her father'w who dreamnt of making this wine, but sadly died when the first vingtage grapes were drying. Cinzia and her winemaker husband finished and made the wine and named it "IL Sogno" after her fathers dream and in his memory. So Giancarlo Travaglini lives on through hsi daughter Cinzia a wonderful lady from Peidmonte, and in these fabulous Travaglini Wines.

The dinner was wonderful. We had antipasti of Grilled Calamari, Salumi, Cheese, Mussels and the most perfect Pizza Margherita. We then had Tagiatelle con Tartufo and Brasato di Manzo (Beef Braised in Wine) and then some tasty desserts and Espresso. The dinner was wonderful and of course we tasted and drank the Travaglini wines as we ate. Before we had moved on to desserts Chef Luigi joined our table as planned. Luigi is from the gorgeous town Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and besides being a great chef Luigi is a great lover of Italian Wine and very knowledgeiable on the subject. Yes it was a great night of Gattinara, tasty food and friends. Bravo Cinzia! Bravo Giancarlo! Bravo Luigi! Basta!

       Daneil, NEw York, NY


Reply by EMark, Oct 23, 2013.

Sounds like a wonderful evening.

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