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Posted by Philip James, Jun 21, 2007.

Last night we finished importing Astor Wines and Spirits - you can now see their reviews, and link to their site to buy any of their 4,000 odd products. Good work all around and thank you to everyone who was involved.

We also signed a slew of retailers. I'll be announcing them at the rate of 5 per day until I get through the list - its a 2 week list as of today, and growing. Almost all of these are in the North East, and by the time they are in, we'll have a great service for those living there. We just need to get the South, Mid-West and West Coast to the same level.

Calling all retailers...

Here's today's 5:

Sound Shore Liqor Pantry - Mamaroneck, NY
BevMax - Stamford, CT; Norwalk, CT; Hamden, CT; Portchester, NY
Harry's Wine - Fairfield, CT
Blanchards Wines and Spirits - Jamaica Plain, MA; Revere, MA; West Roxbury, MA; Marshfield, MA; Hyannis, MA
Raeders Wine - Albertson, NY

5 companies, 12 stores.

We're working on getting through the backlog as fast as we can. As soon as these, and the other waiting stores, are live, I'll let you know.


Reply by Mark Angelillo, Jun 21, 2007.

Today, the Northeast... Tomorrow, the US... The next day, the world!

Welcome to all the stores! Good to have you on board. As Philip said we'll try to get you on the site as soon as possible.

Blog comment by gr, Jun 21, 2007.

With all these local-location stores going in, is it reasonable to hope that after we pass through to their sites for purchase, we'll be able to choose "in-store pickup" as a delivery option? I realize that's a by-vendor issue, but you've already been dealing with these folks. (Including a Snooth search feature that narrows the results to only a specific store's stock would be good, I guess. Have fun with that.)

Also: have you yet begun to beat on PA State Wine & Liquor Shoppe yet? Pretty please? Also, Total Wine & Liquor in Delaware.

Would it be helpful to get some real-human contacts in various not-yet-covered locations? (I can, for example, provide reference to a couple of good wine/cheese shops in St. Louis.)

Reply by Philip James, Jun 21, 2007.

Gr - is this the store you are talking about?

We've been talking to them - they still dont believe our service is theoretically possible...
Maybe its time to go and show them again.

But, yes, hassling store owners is a great idea - please go do it. In fact, we'll create a "Why arent you on Snooth" flyer to throw at them...

Reply by gr, Jun 21, 2007.

Assuming it's the one in Claymont, DE, that's the place. Their web site is abysmally slow. Maybe they need some help. ;^>

You've driven past it on your way back from boating, followed by a brief visit to the now-defunct Yale House. On Naamans road on the first exit off 95 south of the PA state border (okay, really, exit off the 495 south exit ramp southbound; it's a bit more convoluted to get there northbound). They bought the CVS/RiteAid/whatever next door because they were strapped for space, and filled their old space with liquor/beer while massively expanding their wine selection to fill the pharmacy. Think "Super Wallmart of Booze."

I can't claim much sway with TW&L, I don't even shop there all that often any more. On the other hand, I like to think I was instrumental in their carrying the 1.75 L size of Tanqueray 10, so who knows. I'd be happy to go flyer them, if you like. I also don't necessarily hold a lot of sway with the PA State Blue Law Enforcers, although you're close with the company with out-of-state license numero uno for wine.

Reply by gr, Jun 21, 2007.

Oh oh right, and St. Louis.

That's through parents, but I can get the Right names and addresses for several owner-operators there. Missouri is a remarkably modern state for those of us out here on the east coast... the wine shops have to also sell fine cheese to make the rent. They're definitely the kind of places who'd Get It.

Reply by Philip James, Jun 22, 2007.

gr - I'm already in contact with TW, but if you can get me the St Louis names I'll add those. We're going to be very very strong in the North East soon, still looking to flesh out the rest of the country (then world).

If people know a store and want it listed, let us know, or better yet, put us in touch with the owners.

Reply by amour, Jan 23, 2010.

Perhaps some of our experienced wine-lovers
who are newcomers to Snooth,
may wish to contribute on this one.
Thank you.

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