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What's on tap for the weekend?

Posted by Gregory Dal Piaz, Feb 17, 2012.

I'm heading off to a marcarini Bruante Vertical, 1964-1996.

I'm bringing the 78 which smells amazing right now.

Nothing planned for the rest of the weekend.

How about you?


Reply by outthere, Feb 17, 2012.

94 Forman on tap for tomorrow night.

Last night I popped an 02 Gruaud Larose that was just swell.

Reply by EMark, Feb 17, 2012.

I think this weekend is going to be totally extemporized.

Reply by Giacomo Pevere, Feb 17, 2012.

Just tasted a 2002 Guidalberto (a lot different from the other bottle i have tasted).

I want to uncork some craft beers Saturnday night for a blind tasting home made dinner with some friends. 3 different brewers styles, 2 producers each. I think will be funny.

Reply by dmcker, Feb 17, 2012.

Already Saturday noontime here. Had a couple more Anne Gros bottles last night with a roast beef pie baked with leftovers from Sunday's big dinner. Pretty scrumptious food and a bottle each of her 2008 Carretals from Minervois and the 2007 Echezeaux. In both cases infanticide, but I was *really* impressed with the Carretals (even better than the other two of hers I reported on in another thread). Such elegance from Minervois is mindboggling. My two guests were certainly happy.

Weather's been warming up here a little so thinking of spring, and riesling with a ham and potato dish for dinner this Sunday, probably a '96 JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese bottle or two. Depending on who all's there will follow the Mosel with a '90 Rheingau--either a Schloss Johannisberg Auslese or Schloss Vollrads Auslese, or maybe an '89 Steinberger Spatlese. Also have some Egon Muller, Dr. Loosen, Donnhoff, Crusius, Robert Weil and Gunderloch bottles with some age handy, but will leave those lying down for another few occasions.

Tonight? Probably out for sushi and some good local sake (jizake).

Giacomo, had a minor craftbeer debauch on Thursday night with the guys (name of the place being Craftheads, and it has one of the two best craft beer selections in Tokyo, maybe the best bourbon). A mixture of Japanese and American microbrews. An Anchor Steam Christmas beer from the '90s was certainly interesting...

Reply by Fenderbaum, Feb 18, 2012.

Carnivale here in Catalonia! My friendly wine merchant talked me into a white Rioja (Tempranillo Blanco) and a 2009 monastrell from Jumilla for my Sunday night steak. The Rioja was superb.

Reply by JonDerry, Feb 18, 2012.

How were you introduced to Anne Gros' wines D?

Looks like i'm going to a Faively tasting on Monday, will be some of my first burgs...

Reply by dmcker, Feb 21, 2012.

Which Faively bottles did you like, if any? The chablis, perchance? The Clos Vougeout or Vosne Romanee? The reds were awfully young, so hopefully they were decanted hours earlier. And how was the commentary at Wally's?

I knew Anne Gros and her family (siblings, parents, grandparents) in a Burgundian context from decades ago. Always interested to see, too, how women make their way in such a conservative business (and French agriculture is certainly that), since amongst other reasons I have a couple of daughters who are starting to make their way in the world.

Got turned onto her Minervois offerings just a couple of months ago by a friend in the industry. He knows I like SWestern France, as well as my tastes in other regions, so steered me towards what he rightly figured was a sure thing. The first bottle reignited my curiousity about her range of wines. That operation she shares with her partner wasn't even in existence the last time I was in that part of France.

Reply by JonDerry, Feb 21, 2012.

Just for future reference, I went ahead and created a new post for the Faiveley tasting. Really enjoyed it, to say the least. Seems like there are also some Anne Gros I should see if I can get my hands on. Any of her reds under $50 you'd recommend?


Reply by dmcker, Feb 21, 2012.

Look for those from Minervois I've mentioned, as well as her Bourgogne Rouge. Good starting point.

Saw the Faively thread. I've always considered them a reliable, economical negociant, perhaps a step behind Jadot and Drouhin, but certainly providing reasonable go-to Chablis and more. Keep drinking various Burgundies, then come back to them again. They've provided lots of good drinking experiences over the years, particularly when I didn't want to gamble at a particular pricepoint on an unknown out at a business lunch, for example.

Reply by JonDerry, Feb 21, 2012.

While hunting down that Faiveley Mercurey, I found an Anne Gros offer from Fine + Rare. Do you use them for international shipments?


Reply by JonDerry, Aug 3, 2012.

Don't want to jinx it but other than the Italian themed dinner party on Saturday I'm going to try and check out a Zin vertical early Saturday. Should be a great day of wining tomorrow.

Reply by Erica Landin, Aug 4, 2012.

I'm plowing through a list of lovely bubbles to get me into vacation mood here on a little island in the Stockholm (Sweden) archipelago. So far, the Louis Buillot Crémant de Bourgogne worked a treat. Next is a few half-bottles of champagne I picked up in Epernay in December. Somehow I'm thinking I'll pass on tasting notes though, the sun and vacation mood would probably work in an unfair advantage :)

Hope all is well on your side of the pond! Enjoy the weekend! :)

Reply by duncan 906, Aug 5, 2012.

Tomorrow I am heading up to Inverness for my sister's house party.As usual she will provide the food and I the wine so I will be taking half-dozen bottles from my cupboard.As her favouite wine is sauternes I will include my last bottle of Chateau Monteils 2000.As my sister's lodger says she likes merlot I will include a bottle of 2003 Chateau Haut-Lariveau Fronsac as that is 100% merlot and not a blend like nearly all other Bordeauxs.My neice will be there and she is a red wine lover as well so I am going to take my bottle of Chateau Jacques Blanc St Emillion Grand Cru 1983 as that is a year older than she is.I have yet to decide on the other three bottles

Reply by outthere, Aug 5, 2012.

Fred Scherrer had his open house this weekend. Winning!

He poured six wines from bottle.

  • 2010 Helfer Chardonnay - Tropical fruit aromatics, fleshy, creamy palate with a nice acidic lift and some minerality. Refreshing finish with some pineapple and citrus notes.
  • 2008 Platt Pinot Noir - Cool climate pinot unlike another. The Platt vineyard does not always produce usable fruit. Being so close to the coast above the town of Bodega the cool damp coastal air creates problems for fruit set and lack of sun prevents proper ripening. Low yields drive the price of fruit up so this is a pricy bottle of Pinot @ $75. Color close to a Zinfandel.  Fresh lean fruit, rose petals and wild mushrooms grab the nose. The mouth is medium with some spice and tart dark cherry. Finishes with lots of tannins. Will age very well.
  • 2009 Platt Pinot Noir - Crazy nose on this wine. Could have stayed with this all day. The '08 x 10 as the fruit was much more expressive. Loved the funky aromatics. Palate was full of dark cherry, red currant, minerals and acid. Purity of fruit was exceptional and the package was beautifully balanced. Finished with blue and red fruit and chewy tannins. Really stunning Pinot.


Had a photo fail so lost the other shots I took.

  • 2007 "Old Mature Vines" Zinfandel - Fred has a way with Zinfandel. His style is very restrained and a complete mirror of what the fruit offers him. No heavy extraction, no over-ripe fruit. Pure and pleasurable blackberry and raspberry nose, medium bodied with great spice, bramble and a little oak. Finishes silky smooth and elegant. Great pair for Danish Blue Cheese.
  • 2008 RRV Syrah - This is a blend of two vineyards. The nose is all violets and blueberry. Palate not real complex but the fruit stands out nicely and is supported with ample acid and tannin to allow it to evolve. Still a youngster.
  • 2006 Alexander Valley Cabernet - Heavy nose of cassis, anise and black olives. Palate in enveloping. Tar, leather, black currant and a hint of bell pepper. Finish is a tannic explosion. Needs bottle time to resolve a bit.

Plus 2 barrel samples.

  • 2011 OMV Zinfandel - Typically fruity barrel sample but so pure.
  • 2011 Shale Terrace Zinfandel - Nice to be able to try this as it is sold out. Palate exhibiting much more minerality than the standard OMV as this block in planted on the "shale terrace" of the OMV vineyard. Exciting but unfortunately unobtanium for this guy.

Futures on the 11 OMV are still available @ $260/case which is a steal. Release price will be $35/btl. Back up the truck!

Reply by JonDerry, Aug 5, 2012.

Sweet, sounds like an awesome time.

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