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Wine Pairing with 08 Nov 2016 Election Night

Original post by Really Big Al, Nov 8, 2016.

The election is over but the fun continues!  How far can our country be dragged down by 'fake news' and 'alternative facts'?  You be the judge...

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Reply by jackwerickson, Jun 22, 2017.

DMCKER didn't know we had agreeded on the final rules,am not backing out of the bet. I assume "IF" impeached he must be found guilty. The only two presidents impeached were found not guilty and served out their term. 

Reply by dmcker, Jun 22, 2017.

Just impeachment is not enough, I agree. We'd discussed him leaving office, one way or another.

BTW, I think you're skipping Nixon. He was both impeached and resigned, then was pardoned. Reagan and Clinton survived the process, as did Andrew Johnson a few years back, if memory serves, Bush Jr. skated though it looked at one point like it might happen to him, too.

Seems like the incidence of impeachment is on the uprise recently. ;-(  Certainly plenty of grist for the House of Cards scriptwriters' mill.




After posting Reich's opinion above, I went to his website, where I found this cute piece:

Talking With My Friend About Trump

Monday, June 19, 2017

My friend Tom phoned this morning:

“I can’t take any more Trump. It’s summer. I’m taking a vacation from him,” he said.

“I understand,” I said.

“I’ve been so stressed out since that moron was elected that sometimes I can’t sleep,” he said.

“Totally get it,” I said.

“I quit. If others want to carry on the fight for the next three months, be my guest.”

“You’ve earned a vacation.“

“You bet I have. Every time I see his stupid face my blood pressure goes into the stratosphere. I can’t take it any more,” Tom said.

“You don’t need to,” I said.

“That’s exactly my point. I don’t need this. He’s a selfish, greedy, narcissistic, fascistic, unhinged, bigot. And to think he’s running this great country makes me want to puke.”


“So … (long pause) “You think it’s okay if I take a vacation from him?”

“Of course, if that’s what you want to do.”

“It’s not as if I’ve had very much effect. I’ve been writing letters, calling my members of congress. I’ve demonstrated. Even gone to a few meetings.”

“Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot,” I said.

“So why the fu*k isn’t he impeached already?” Tom raised his voice.

“These things take time.”

“He’s taken bribes from foreign governments, obstructed justice, abused his power. And the as*hole does nothing but lie! Probably conspired with Putin to win the election! Doesn’t give a damn that Russia’s trying to kill our democracy!”

“I agree.”

“We can’t let this happen!” he almost shouted.

“No, we can’t.”

“We have to fight this tyrant!”

“Couldn’t agree more.”

“Legally, peacefully.”


“If the Dems take back the House next year, they could start the impeachment process. So we have to begin organizing soon, get ready,” Tom said.

“Absolutely,” I said.

“If Jon Osoff is elected in Georgia Tuesday, that could send a clear signal,” he said.


“I’m gonna phone bank all day tomorrow, calling voters in his district.”

“Good,” I said.

“The least I can do.”

“It will help.”

“Good to talk with you, Bob.”

“And to you, Tom. Be well.”


Reply by jackwerickson, Jun 22, 2017.

DMCKER I believe that Nixon resigned prior to the Articles of Impeachment,or what legal term they used,were voted on, they had been drawn up and no question he would have been impeached and probably found quilty, but he was not impeached.

Reply by dmcker, Jun 22, 2017.

These articles of impeachment were adopted by the House Judiciary Committee. I seem to remember the House as a whole voting to impeach but Tricky Dick resigning before it went to the Senate, though I may be mistaken. I was traveling in Asia at the time, and wasn't exactly glued to the boob tube watching. Anyway, this was the result, and Nixon's travails may prove the closest parallel, even though The Donald's behavior is arguably more outrageous.

Reply by jackwerickson, Jun 22, 2017.

It never got to a vote they had also added 3 more and denied two others, he resigned before they could vote and therefore was never impeached 

Reply by outthere, Jun 22, 2017.

OJ was acquitted and the Cosby jury deadlocked. So where are you going with this?

Reply by dmcker, Jun 22, 2017.

I'll agree with you, Jack, that Nixon's goose was cooked, and commonly recognized as cooked, and that if he'd continued stonewalling it would've gone straight to and through the Senate and he would've been the first President to be fully impeached. Instead he was the first to resign. Colloquially and commonly and generally he's described as having been impeached, even by political or journalistic professionals. The Congressional process started in February of that year and by late July was to the point where all other escape routes were blockaded and he was left with the choice of resigning or being forcibly deposed. Being named an 'unindicted co-conspirator' by the special counsel was the pilot light that ignited the oven roasting of that goose.

Thanks for reminding me in ways that have clarified mist-enshrouded memory. Certainly does help to be aware of all the stages in the process, of course. Quite possibly will end up being Deja Vu All Over Again.

Reply by jackwerickson, Jun 22, 2017.

OJ and Cosby don't care

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