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wine shipping to Tennessee

Posted by dobbswi, Jul 22, 2009.

I live in Nashville TN and, even though it is now legally permissible to ship wine to Tennessee,most of the sites I visit, following a recommendation on Snooth and elesewhere, won't ship to TN. Can anyone help with a list of wine sources that will ship to Tennessee.

Thanks, Idit


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Jul 22, 2009.

That's a tough one Idit, sorry I can't be more helpful.

Have you actually spoken with stores about shipping to TN?

It's very possible that the stores web-sites have yet to be updated. Many stores rely on the information they get from their shippers, usually DHL and/or Fedex so if either of them have greenlighted shipments to TN that is usually enough to get a store to ship.

Give it a try.

You can also direct them to this page:http://wineinstitute.shipcompliant....

Hope this is helpful.

Reply by NekotoNikku, Jul 23, 2009.

Wow, and I thought I had it bad living in Ohio.

I think your best bet is to watch larger wine stores like,, etc., as they're the ones with the biggest desire and most resources available to try and push through the bureaucracy of all the paperwork to register as a wine retailer in Tennessee.

If you contact them as Greg suggests, they may also be able to give you a time frame they expect to be able to ship to you by as well.

Best of luck with your search!

Reply by h2w4, Jul 24, 2009.

well, I don't know about retail outlets, but my winery does ship to TN, a lot of it has to do with both the shipping companies, and (from a winery perspective) a winery's compliance within the state. We have a full time compliance person and pay for liquor licenses and fees in nearly all 50 states, and so we are able to ship to most states...TN included. I'm not sure, but I think things are even more tricky for retail outlets.

The problem with wineries is that many cannot and/or will not bother with the time, money, and effort involved with each state's laws and rules so you get a different story from one facility to another...bottom line there is no consistency, so if you visit a wine region make sure to ask at each place you go, because each one will be different

Reply by jackal4eva, Jul 30, 2009.

Good to find this thread... I've begun to keep track of wineries that have cleared the requirements to ship to TN - hopefully there will be a steady flow from now on. You can check my list at . Originally, it was just for me and my friends but I figure we could all use a central resource.

Reply by cferryman, Nov 1, 2009.

If I read the law correctly, stores and distributors will not be able to ship to Tennessee, but we are able to have two cases per year per vineyard shipped to us (provided the vineyard has filled out the appropriate paperwork). h2w4 is right - vineyards that have their licence are all over the place. For example, Argyle and Merry Edwards can ship, but someone like Bonny Doon can't yet.

Reply by reason2smile, Jan 14, 2010.

I have found a few places that, under the new laws that will ship wine to Tennessee. 1) Cakebread wineries ( seem high end). Another is 2) Raeder's Wine and Liquor- I have ordered from both companies with no problem. There are several other places. Try to locate wineries that will sell what you are looking for, and ship it to where want. There is a feature to enter the state you are looking for. and so many others (Saddleback Cellars, Bonneau wines, Graeser Winery, Thomas Henry Wineries, Magito Wines, Modus Operandi Cellars, Wing Canyon Vineyard, Cougar's Leap Winery,Zahtila Vineyards, Eric Ross Winery, Meadowcroft wines, more etc) I have not tested all these places, but am awaiting delivery from the first two places where I sent a wine gift from.

Reply by amour, Jan 14, 2010.




Reply by chadrich, Jan 14, 2010.

As mentioned above, call and ask, even if they don't list TN as a "ship-to" start. Living in another state that recently emerged from the shipping dark ages (Georgia), I found stores and wineries notoriously slow in updating the lists on their web sites. When I called directly, most could ship. Others were in the paperwork process and were able to give me an estimated date that they'd be compliant. To my surprise, I think I actually tipped-off a few as to the change and got them moving toward becoming compliant ( why did that commission check never arrive?).

Reply by ItalienskaVinbutiken, Jan 14, 2010.

As a winemerchant this is a rather common "problem" for me. For instance, although the Swedes have been able to import wine privately for almost three years now, many shipping-companies and carriers claim it is illegal and refuse to ship for us.
I believe the lack of information is, at least occasionally, caused by the fact that certain states felt forced to allow this kind of "import" (well, it wouldn´t be import in tennessee, but you get it..) and they do not care particulary about informing citizens and companies about the new possibilities. This is true also for many of the former communist-countries in northern europe.

Reply by se4jd1, Mar 7, 2010.

Here is an old list from December, 2009:

Reply by amour, Mar 8, 2010.

Thank  you  all  for  entering  those  sites which  may  at  least  explain  why  so  many  of  us  have  encountered  difficulties   buying on-line  and  shipping  to  various  states.

Reply by tooelemom, Mar 10, 2011.

There are a couple of wineries that will ship to TN; Gainey and Ceago.  Several others will if you have visited them in person and signed their guest book. 

Reply by Jill Guess, Dec 6, 2011. still shows Tennessee and Georgia as restricted states, even though Tennesse allowed direct shipment from Wineries and Direct Shippers in 2009. Can anybody tell me why this is? I spoke to and they cannot process an order to Tennessee on their systems. Thanks

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