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Posted by Mia Aiello, Feb 9, 2016.

Hi everyone, 

I'm finally about to install my first wine rack after gradually building up a collection. Very excited about it! However I wanted some advice on choosing the right type? I'm currently looking at oak wine racks and I have read about a company called Wine Racks who manufacture a large range of wine racks and storage, has anyone else used this company and what did you go for? 


Reply by Really Big Al, Feb 9, 2016.

Are you going for passive storage of the wine, or do you want to keep them refrigerated?  I have passive storage of about 400 bottles in our basement storage room and they are laying in simple wine racks (nine bottles each) sitting on top of wooden shelving units.  This was a cheap solution for us and so far (about four years now) we haven't observed a bottle that suffered from this storage method.  We don't store wine for the long term though, as we tend to consume a bottle received from one of our wine clubs within at least six years.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 9, 2016.

As far as the racks go, your concern is whether they 1) hold bottles securely and 2) fit the bottles you need to put in them. 

The first should be pretty easy, especially if you don't live in earthquake country or near a subway station that will rattle your walls.  (If the latter, you need offsite storage, because that level of vibration is deleterious to wine.)  There's nothing new in the design of these things, so any company making the racks for a while should know what they are doing.  Sometimes designers make new and "innovative" storage solutions that are untested, but your basic right angled bits of wood with support are tried and true.  Deeper is better, up to a point, but even 8" deep (um, like 20 cm) slots will usually work fine. 

The second issue relates to the diameter of bottles.  Bordeaux-type bottles usually have no problems, as they have the smallest diameters of full sized (75 cl) bottles.  But Burgundies, Rhones, Champagne, and some others are bigger, and cheaper racks or racks that store more bottles in less space might not have big enough slots. 

Otherwise, it's just a matter of what look you prefer and how much you want to spend. IKEA has a few options that I have used where the racks are not in sight because they are cheap and fit different sizes well, but they aren't attractive.  I really only worry about how my wine looks when it is in the glass.

The point that Al brings up about whether you want refrigeration doesn't seem to relate to your post, but if you are planning on storing wine to age for more than a few years (or even that long), you need to put it somewhere cooler than, say, 20 degrees C.  If you want your friends to see your new collection, and you intend to age it without damage, you might want to buy a wine cabinet with built in cooling.  This adds quite a bit to the cost of enjoying wine, so it might not be what you are looking for. 

Reply by Snoother 1972908, Feb 9, 2016.

I've used an Australian company called I can recommend them, they've got a pretty big range and they do ship internationally. They hold the bottles very well and look good with the black finish as well.

Reply by Sophiewilson, May 11, 2016.

Hi, Firstly you have to know a lot of things before installing a wine rack, so you will need a company that will provide you best advice. I have installed wine storage rack at my home 2 months ago, I will recommend the same company i.e Cable Wine Systems(, as they are having a huge range of wine storage rack collection from custom, contemporary to luxury wine racking systems.

Reply by dmcker, May 11, 2016.

You don't need a company to solve the problem, unless you want to go high-end, high-finish within a high end kitchen (or other showy part of the house)--but even then it's foolish to store next to the oven/range combo since your electric bills will rise.

What are your options?  Go over them all, on-site and within your range of friends and acquaintances. I've stored in passive underground cellars for decades, with no cost, other than occasionally turning members of my friends or family on to some good bottles we shared together.

That's not always an option. So:

1) how many bottles (and as Fox mentions, of what dimension)?

2) what level of quality and therefore how long to store them?

3) what options available to you passive? (this will always be the default)

4) what needs to be done active (with electricity and cooling)?

5) what is your budget, current and ongoing?

Come up with some answers to these questions, and we'll be able to provide intelligent, reasonable suggestions, not just some sales spiel.

Reply by rckr1951, May 11, 2016.

DMCKER is absolutely right.  Figure out your needs first - then your wants.  Do you have a basement? That will help out a lot.  I live in northern Wisconsin and have had a basement storage (wine cellar) AND a smaller wine frig for long term storage for special wines.  Think it out first, some of of best, quiet, retrospective happen in my cellar just cleaning and rotating bottles.  Good Luck

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