Pinot Grigio

Common synonyms: Pinot Gris, “white Pinot Noir,” (but not to be confused with Pinot Blanc, which is another grape entirely), Pinot Beurot (France), Rulander (Germany), Tokay d’Alsace,  

Parentage of the grape: Burgundy as Pinot Gris in the 1300s. 
History of the grape: Pinot Gris was planted in Burgundy, France as far back as the 1300s. It then spread through Europe, via Alsace, Switzerland and into Germany, eventually making it to Italy, where it was given the name Pinot Grigio. When Phylloxera hit Burgundy, Pinot Gris with its original characteristics was wiped out and the hybrids grafted with American stock to save the vines were never the same quality, so crops were left to mostly die out. But in the Alsace region, Germany and Italy, the hybrids fared much better and the grape was able to thrive. It was brought to Australia in the 1830s by James Busby, who is credited with being the “Father of Australian Wine.” It was eventually brought over to Read more »

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Pinot Grigio on Snooth

  • Winking Owl Vineyards Pinot Grigio California NV


    Aldi, Oct./2018. Read More

    Wine review by raindance

  • Clos du Bois Acampo Ca. Pinot Grigio 2017


    Picked this up at the local market on a whim to go with maple glazed salmon. It was almost/just worth the price. Read More

    Wine review by raindance

  • Gio 'Rosato' Veneto Italy Pinot Grigio 2017


    it just tastes as if the grapes were picked too early. Read More

    Wine review by Pickit4flavor


    Comment by 2225074Snoother 2225074 2225074 Snoother 2225074


    Comment by 2225074Snoother 2225074 2225074 Snoother 2225074

  • Prophecy the Star Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie 2016


    House wine for Mary's circle party. Nobody drank it, so we did after. Just ... ... ... this DOC delivers better Pinot Grigio than this on Read More

    Wine review by raindance

  • Barefoot Pinot Grigio 2013


    Binny's 8/2018. Read More

    Wine review by raindance

  • Contadino Vivace Pinot Grigio 2016


    First time I have a sparkling Grigio... it's a nice summer wine, but keep in mind, those bubbles kick-in quickly! good for the private party, not for public places))) Read More

    Wine review by ApelsecS

  • Trivento White Orchid Blend Torrontes Reserve Mendoza 2017


    Wildflower and herb aromas - white pepper and lemon zest aromas. Nicely fresh and fruity palate with lemon and ripe grapefruit notes, white peach and soft berry, a spike of acidity and green apple notes towards the finish. Good balance and easy drinking fruit.90 pts Read More

    Wine review by Snooth Editorial

  • your bottles look amazing, but my choice is Reggiano Lambrusco le Grotte Rosso ... Rosso ... good thing is any Pinot Grigio (I usually pick Italian) with S.Pellegrino sparkling water 50/50 plus ice.  Perrier doesn't work at all. Ginger ale is ok too if you want it more sweet but make it 2/1 if you want to taste some trace of wine.this stuff g... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • Villa Borghetti Grigio Luna Pinot Grigio 2017


    round.. almost Chardonnay-ish grigio Read More

    Wine review by ApelsecS

  • Dellatorri Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio 2014


    weak straight taste, round, soft. Read More

    Wine review by ApelsecS

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  • Can I buy Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio On Line? Can't find it in our area. Only at a Resteraunt. Please E Mail me info. Thanx

    Comment by 673915Susan Benedetti 673915 Susan Benedetti

  • I'm looking for the Pinot that comes in the triangular pink bottle. Any ideas?

    Comment by 585578suzieweibel 585578 suzieweibel

  • looking for 2008 pinot grigio from vendemmia, bottle has delle venezie and villagiachi

    Comment by 354303als pal 354303 als pal

  • Am seeking a Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio in the Bundaberg region if anyone is able to assist with retail outlets?

    Comment by 269746shima8 269746 shima8

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