Guide to Wine Tasting

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First look at the color of the wine.

Articles about color

  • Blind Tasting

    Blind TastingEarly on I had blogged about the responsibility of wine knowledge and how people rely on you for recommendations. I have found out the one thing that is even more nerve racking than making a recommendation on a good wine… that is trying to... View Article »
  • Really Old Madeira

    I have a thing for Madeira. I've never bought a bottle, but I have been lucky enough to taste some pretty cool stuff and each time I'm blown away by the complexity and enjoyment I get out of these wines. Greg was kind enough to dig up so... View Article »

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Give the wine a good sniff.

Articles about aroma

  • Beaujolais it ain't all Nouveau

    Beaujolais it ain't all NouveauSo naturally what I mean by that title is,that much, if not most, of the wine from Beaujolais is wonderful stuff marred by the phenomenon that is Beaujolais Nouveau. The marketing concept of producing wines in a blaze of for... View Article »

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Go ahead, take a taste.

Articles about flavor

  • A Bootful of Wine - A Visit to Terrabianca

    Terrabianca is a medium sized winery in the heart of the Chianti region, in Radda, located just north of Sienna. It is owned by a German, Roberto Guldener, who now lives in Chianti, and who has strong historical ties to Italy. He also lists himself as the viticulturalist. The winemaker is Vittorio Fiore, a... View Article »
  • Syrah PTP

    In coordination with Snooth's Global Tasting initiative I scheduled our Panel Tasting Program blind event this past week as a focus on Syrah, California Syrah to be specific.With every PTP there tends to be a few wines at both end of the spectrum... View Article »

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Aftertaste is important.

Articles about finish

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